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5 Things You MUST Pack for a Blogging Conference

Blog Conference season is in full swing and the forums are filling up with newbies asking "What shall I pack, what shall I pack?"  

I remember my first blog conference.  I packed every single thing I thought I'd need:  phone, backup phone, camera, extra chargers - this was before portable charging sticks, SD cards, super dressy clothes, casual clothes, swimsuits, shoes, shoes, shoes, comfy shoes, blah blah blah blah-blah.

Basically, I 

Over the years, I've returned to my minimalist ways and am oh so happy to share 5 my things you MUST pack for a blogging conference.

5. Shoes, shoes, shoes.  Pack a few pairs of comfy shoes.  High heels, flats, sandals, mix it up.  You will see a lot of fashionistas strutting along in the same high heels the entire conference swearing their feet are fine.  Don't worry about them. They're walking in adrenaline and it usually wears off around the 3rd or 4th stroll around the expo floor. TIP:  Pack a pair of comfy flats in your bag to keep with you at all times.  

4.  Portable Phone Charger.  It's a social media conference and granted there will be places to charge your phone, you'd hate to be the person who gets to snap that selfie with your social media crush only to find your phone is dead.  TIP:  Charge your portable charger.

3.  Phone.  This should be obvious but many forget the power of a cell phone.  Nowadays, many social media conferences embed QR codes on participant's badges so if you happen to forget your business cards you can always scan the QR codes to share your information.  This came in handy last year when I left my business cards on my nightstand... at my house... some 2,000 miles away.
pic courtesy of Alex Holyoake
2.  Pen and Paper.  You'll need some good old fashioned pen and paper to keep notes from all the interesting sessions.  Pen and paper will also come in handy when your phone dies and you realize you forgot to charge your portable phone charger. see 3 and 4 above

1.  Your Voice.  You may be a bit nervous when you first arrive.  Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. I know the fear.  My first social media conference I didn't know a single soul.  I was so nervous.  Then this bold, bright spirit came a sat at the table I was sitting at...alone mind you... and she introduced herself.  "Hi, I'm Jewel..."

She was Jewel Figueras of Jewel's Fab Life.  We talked and she introduced me to her husband.  She invited me to sit with her during lunch.  She took me under her wing introducing me as "Tomika, I mean Tomi from Arkansas" to everyone we met as if we were old friends.  Funny thing I began to warm up and engage with others and isn't engagement what a SOCIAL media conference is all about?

Jewel passed away earlier this year.  I'm glad we met.  I'm happy we were able to laugh about how nervous I was at that first conference.  I don't think she ever knew how much I appreciated her for plopping down beside me and saying "Hi".  

Blogging conferences are a great way to connect with people you'll never forget.  Don't be nervous. Just be you and enjoy the conference.

I'm going to #BlogHer17 in Orlando!

What about you?  What's on your list of things you MUST pack for a blogging conference?


Masshole Mommy said…
You are so smart thinking about shoes. I am that dope that always wears the most uncomfortable shoes because they look good. I need to remember to pack a few pairs for the next time!
Alli Smith said…
Comfortable shoes are a must! I remember those days when I picked cute over comfort. Those days are long gone. So glad I can have both, but I go with comfort every single time.
chubskulit said…
I have never attended one yet but if I do, I will keep all these tips in mind. I agree with you and the ladies, comfy shoes is a must.
Christy Maurer said…
I am hoping to go to a blogging conference one of these days! I will keep your post in mind!
Franc said…
Phones are probably on overdrive on blogging conference with frequent social media updates. It would be important to have those portable chargers.
This is such a great list, I have to admit I wouldn't have any idea where to start when it comes to packing for a conference so this is a great check list.
Anosa Malanga said…
I have only ever been to two blogging conferences and both occasions I had my portable chargers with me as they are life savers.
Tomi Clark said…
Shoes are a must but one pair will never do. Thank goodness my fave flats fit in my purse. If you're headed to BlogHer ENJOY and hope to see you there
Claudia Krusch said…
I have been getting better at packing for conferences over the years. I used to over pack by a lot. I love to go to conferences and meet my fellow bloggers in person.
Pam said…
Comfy shoes are a must for blog conferences. You wind up doing so much walking around! They need to be cute, but comfy,
Maurene Cab said…
Wow! It might be a great experience to be part of a blog conference. I love your list especially bringing comfortable shoes.
Lisa said…
You have hit the nail on the head. After a few conferences I realized great shoes, a phone charger and paper were a must too.
Rika Agustini said…
I have never been to any blogging conference. Sounds pretty interesting, a great way to build networks.
Blogging conferences are awesome and it's nice to have a guide for what you need to bring. I absolutely agree with number 1. There are so many people that you can meet there! It won't do you any good if you're shy.
Parent Palace said…
I have never been to a blogging conference but I'm dying to go! And I never go anywhere without a portable charger these days!
Rebecca Swenor said…
These are all awesome items to bring to a blogging conference. It is so important to not forget your phone charger and to have an extra phone charger on hand to just encase. The pen and paper are great items to have to along with your voice. You can meet so many different bloggers and hook ups. Thanks for sharing the information.
LaShawn Wiltz said…
I always swear by comfortable shoes, a few portable chargers and a good notebook!! As long as I have those everything is ok!
Nikka Shae said…
What a great idea! I always bring comfy shoes and black pants. Haaaa
Terri Beavers said…
Oh my gosh, that's so sad about Jewel. And what a sweet soul she appeared to be. I'm thankful I found your list because I'm going to my first blog conference in July and it's a bit terrifying that I'll be going alone.

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