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Bedtime for Babies: The Littlest Candle A Hanukkah Story

It's been a while since our last Bedtime for Babies book review but  I received a request from a friend asking for a couple of book recommendations.  Then a request from another friend and another friend and then well I decided it maybe, just maybe it was time to revive the Bedtime for Babies spot on the blog.   Thanks to my friends at Kalaniot Books for the opportunity to share The Littlest Candle:  A Hanukkah Story by Rabbis Kerry and Jesse Olitzky.  The Littlest Candle  is a great read for new readers.  It's an uplifting story of Little Flicker, the littlest candle in the box and how he earns the right to be the shamash thanks to all his good deeds he's done for others.   The story is sweet but it's the end of the book that I think most will love.  The end of the book shares more about the history of Hanukkah and some Hanukkah traditions.  I struggled about reviewing this book given Hanukkah is a few months away but truth is we could all use a little light right no

Return to Learn Giveaway Hop and a Chance to Win a $15 Walmart Gift Card

Apparently there's a coin shortage.  Signs are posted in the storefront windows everywhere saying "COIN SHORTAGE - EXACT CHANGE".   The pandemic has definitely affected our pockets and we are looking for ways to maximize our income without having to tap into our savings. Learning to budget can be a daunting task but knowing where you spend your hard earned money is the first step.  There are lots of books available to help get you started.  Currently, I'm reading The 30-Minute Money Plan for Moms by Catey Hill.  Financial expert Catey Hill shows moms how to spend less and save big in this savvy guide where each step is designed to take 30 minutes max.   Let’s face it, kids are expensive–in 24 states, daycare actually costs more than in-state college tuition! And the older kids get, the more you will spend. Every mom could use more money. But who has hours to search for coupons just to save a few dollars? And sure, you know you should learn how to get the most o