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Coronavirus Chronicles: Exploring State Parks

Looking for an inexpensive family getaway?  Then a visit to a nearby state park may be the perfect getaway.  Visiting a state park is a great way to explore the rich vastness of landscape and history in your state and contribute to your state's economy.   Recently, my family and I visited Petit Jean State Park.  It's one of our favorite state parks.  The kids love the legend of Petit Jean.  Legend has it that a young girl was so in love that she disguised herself as a cabin boy so she could join her lover.  She was known as "Petit Jean" (French for Little John) due to her small stature.  She became sick during the travels and it was only then that her true identity was discovered.  Her illness got worse and she eventually died and was buried atop Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas .  Besides the legend of Petit Jean the park is absolutely stunning with its cascading waterfalls, cliff side trails and native scenery.   The park is home to Cedar Falls, a 95-foot waterfall a

Air Fryer Steak

I was planning to grill some steaks for dinner but the rain started just as I was about to fire up the grill. it's a little humid and I didn't want to turn on the oven. I heard about preparing steaks in the air fryer and figured why not give it a try.  Grilled steaks are one of my husband's favorite meals and since I didn't want to mess this up I only cooked one steak. The tester. You know the tester. That recipe you try but you’ve got a backup JUST IN CASE. Seriously if this didn’t work I was prepared to fire up the grill, stand in the rain and cook him the best steak ever.  I love cooking in my air fryer and since being in quarantine I've learn to cook several foods using my air fryer, mostly chicken and veggies but STEAK? Nope, never thought of that.  Cooking in the air fryer is quick and easy when it comes to fried foods but I never imagined you could cook a steak in it alone behold at the top of my air fryer there's a button an image of a steak and