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Come Out & Play BUT Let's Practice Social Distancing

Come Out & Play  BUT Remember   To   Practice Social Distancing COVID-19, Coronavirus, Da Rona, whatever you're calling it has definitely changed all of our lives.  Families are spending more and more time together.  My husband teases me saying I've spent more time in the backyard since March than I have in the entire 15 years we've lived in our home.  Sad thing is... he's right. We planted a garden.  It was kinda by chance.  I bought these seeds and this starter compost.  Put them near the kitchen and after about a week or so, I started noticing gnats in my kitchen.  I figured it was some of the fresh fruit gone bad.  Tossed the fruit. Wiped everything down.  Gnats were gone.  A few days later... the gnats returned.  FINALLY figured out it that I had this dirt near the kitchen and remembered "Oh, you were going to start gardening."   Seeds planted.  Watered.  Now we wait.  It'll be a few weeks but I am so looking forward to cutting fresh spinach and

Why I STILL Celebrate Black History Month

February is the month of Groundhog Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras, my birthday and oh February begins Black History Month, a month set aside to recognize the contributions of African Americans.  One of my kids asked me why we still celebrated Black History Month, Asian History Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month.  "Mom", he said "it just seems like it separates people."  Poignant words from a kid but I knew exactly what he meant. 

Searching for Emmett Till

There has been a lot of mention of Emmett Till in the news lately. A few months ago, a national news network ran a story on a sign marking the place where Emmett Till’s body was found. Most recently, actor and director Jesse Williams was dragged on Twitter for posting a meme of Till. Even Snoop Dogg got in the mix after the recent sentencing of 81-year old Bill Cosby saying perhaps it's time to revisit the case of Emmett Till. In 1955, Till, a 14-year old kid was beaten, shot and drowned for whistling at a woman as he his cousins were leaving a store. Till, a Chicago native, was spending a summer in Mississippi with family. His mother thought it would be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. One afternoon as Till and his cousins were leaving a small grocery store, Till whistled at a young lady. A few night’s later Till was abducted from his great uncle’s home and later killed. His crime, Till was Black… the young lady was White. Earlier thi