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Quick Last Minute New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Can you believe 2020 is almost here! Happy New Year! I have been a little under the weather since my return from Atlanta but I couldn't let the day go by without making at least one traditional New Year's Day dish. I remember my great grandma soaking black eyed peas, pork chops and greens.  These were traditional dishes meant to bring good luck and prosperity all the year through if eaten on January 1st.  I've often shared the story of my great grandmother coming to visit us from November until March.  She lived in West Virginia and the winters were harsh so each winter we drove to West Virginia to pick her up and she stayed with us until her birthday in early March. She was a lady of few words.  I can't recall every hearing her say "I love you" but I have very fond memories of watching her work magic in the kitchen. She was the best cook ever.   Funny thing she would make something and it was delicious.  I'd have the same dish somewhere

Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic! Coming to a City Near You

Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic! playing the Paramount Theatre in Oakland December 28-29, 2019 and San Jose Civic January 4-5, 2020! We love Sesame Street and take the kiddos to Sesame Street Live! whenever it's in town.  I grew up watching Sesame Street, my kids grew up watching Sesame Street and now my nieces and nephews enjoy it as well.  It's hard to believe my favorite Sesame Street characters are also THEIR favorite Sesame Street characters.   Be sure to check out Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic! when it comes to a city near you.  S.F. Bay Area family and friends heads up as Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic! is coming your way.  Playing the Paramount Theatre in Oakland December 28-29, 2019 and San Jose Civic January 4-5, 2020. Use code INF1 and save 25% on your purchase of tickets to the show! Who's YOUR favorite character?

Perfect New Year's Eve Party in 5 Steps

Looking to throw a New Year's Eve party without a lot of fuss?  Okay, I've got everything you need to do it in 5 easy steps.  Seriously, it doesn't take much to host a party that will wow your family and friends.   First things first.  Create a guest list .  Just a few of your favorite gal pals or family and friends.  Don't go overboard.  This is a last minute gathering so you want to minimize YOUR stress.   2.  Send invitations .  Be sure to include the time, location and if you're feeling really fancy include a theme.  Not feeling all that creative, no worries, choose a template that reflects YOUR style.  Again, no stress. 3.  Create a signature drink .  It's always best to have both an alcohol and a non-alcoholic beverage for your guests.  Champagne Punch is always a winner for NYE celebrations.  Just a bottle of champagne, fruit juice and some fresh fruit and you've got a banging punch.  For the non-alcoholic version just switch the champag

Truth Moment: Mammograms

I couldn’t let the year go by without sharing at least one post about breast cancer. I’ve always been pretty vocal when it comes to encouraging loved ones to get their annual mammogram. Let’s be honest mammograms can be uncomfortable but truth is they don’t hurt. So when I stood crying uncontrollably at my recent mammogram, shortly after the tech snapped the first image and the plates lifted form my smushed breast, the tech assumed I was in physical pain. However, my tears were for my dearest friend who lost her battle with breast cancer.