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Butterbean's Café Coming to @NickelodeonDVD on July 30 + a Giveaway

FAIRIES, FRIENDSHIP AND FOOD AWAIT IN THE MAGICAL DVD DEBUT OF BUTTERBEAN'S CAFÉ AVAILABLE ON DVD JULY 30, 2019 DVD INCLUDES A HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS RECIPE CARD We love baking!  I remember each year my great grandma would from West Virginia would visit us each year from December through March and she ruled the kitchen.  We would wake up to a silver dollar pancakes hot off the skillet and at night she would bake.  She made the best fudge brownies in the world and her cakes were smooth and buttery and everything was made from scratch.  I'm pretty sure I inherited my love of baking from her and passed it down to a couple of our four kiddos.  My eldest son and the little old lady love to cook. We watch all the cooking shows but FINALLY there's a cooking show for the little ones.  Have you seen  Butterbean's Café on Nick Jr.?  The show is adorable plus celebrity chef, Carla Hall, makes a cameo.  Love, love, love Carla Hall!  Met her at a social media confer

Travel Tips and Destination Suggestions for the Solo Female Traveler

*guest post courtesy of Jennifer @ Box of Style* Traveling alone might just be one of the most exciting and empowering things you can ever do as a woman. Exploring the world on your own schedule is as challenging as it is rewarding, and as scary as it might initially sound, there couldn’t be a better opportunity out there. Below are some top recommendations of where to go if you want to embark on a solo traveling adventure this summer: Canada Let’s start off small. Canada is certainly far enough to be classed as an adventure, but not far enough to be scary. And thanks to its solid women's rights record, it’s no surprise that Canada attracts its fair share of solo female travelers , so you’ll be in excellent company. There is such a diverse range of scenery to take in, so you’ll never get bored of what Canada has to offer. The magical Great Bear Rainforest, the Arctic Baffin Island, and the Haida Gwaii are all top of the list for first time solo travelers. And the food,

Check Out Our Top 5 Road Trip Essentials... and Why the Cell Phone Isn't No. 1

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post Last night Hubby and I were talking about our annual Spring Break family road trip. Although we haven't quite narrowed down our Spring Break destination, we know the importance of planning ahead. In the past Three Boys and an Old Lady blog has shared tips to help get your vehicle ready for the family road trip and even shared tips on planning the perfect road trip but this time we are sharing our Top 5 Road Trip Essentials.  Road trips have changed so much in the last 5 years.  I remember when my kids were little we would either rent a car or drive our own, nowadays you can rent someone else's car .  Yeah, you can actually rent someone else's car.    Before you hit the road, check out our list of 5 Road Trip Essentials and see why the cell phone isn't number 1. 1.  Rand McNally Road Atlas .  There are tons of road atlases available but there's only one in the Three Boys and an Old Lady household and it'