December 06, 2016

New DAY Resolutions Snacking Healthy and Feeling Great

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  Get ready, we're just days away from all those 2017 New Year's Resolution posts.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  I mean every day, heck every moment is an opportunity to start fresh.  Besides if you want to eat healthier, what are you waiting for.  

I'm not saying give up the chocolate chip cookies, I'm saying try a healthier chocolate chip cookie mix.  Bake your own using Amongst Friends - Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  You just need 1 egg, vanilla and butter and bake something special.  These homemade tasty treats are a healthy choice thanks to the whole grain oat flour and cane sugar.  You won't miss the chocolate as they're full of tasty chocolate chips.

Like smoothies?  Add some PBfit Peanut Butter Powder to your smoothie and amp up the flavor.  Or you could be like my middle kid and just add a little water and make the best PB and J sandwiches ever.  He loves this stuff.

I even found a way to make my great grandma's homemade brownies a little healthier by swapping out the traditional cocoa with Wild Foods - Wild Chocolate Powder.  Same measurements as her traditional brownies, but a lot healthier and tastier.

My great grandma would visit us each year and stay from November until March.  I remember her silver dollar pancakes and homemade fudge brownies.  I always thought she should write a cookbook because she was the most amazing cook ever.  Over the years, in my quest to eat a little healthier, I have tried several variations of her recipe including swapping the oil with applesauce, using different oils, even trying different cocoas.  I can't wait to try baking her homemade fudge brownies using Wild Food - Wild Chocolate Powder.  The package smells so yummy!

Speaking of snacking, have you tried kale bars?  Mediterra makes a pretty tasty kale and pumpkin seeds bar.  I like looking at a food and recognizing the ingredients.  

So, let's make a pact to forego the new year's resolutions and instead commit to doing something healthy each and every single day.  

For these and more products to jumpstart your way to a healthier you, check out DailyGoodieBox.  Sign up today and you could be selected to receive full-size products in exchange for sharing reviews. is a great way to discover products from companies helping us live a little greener.  Visit to sign up today.

Star Paws Coming to DVD 12/13

I just saw a news report stating saying some areas of Hawaii received over 2" of snow. SNOW?  Hawaii?  Those two words don't even belong in the same sentence but it really happened. 

Hearing of the snow Hawaii reminded of the upcoming Winter Break.  *cues suspense music*

I'm not worried about hearing those those dreaded words... "Maaaaaaahhhhhh, I'm bored" as we stay pretty busy during our break. Hopefully, we'll get a couple inches of snow and a chance to go sledding.  If not, we can always break out the snacks and watch some DVDs. 

2016 has been a banner year for family DVDs.  

Last month, we added Star Paws to our DVD collection.  Star Paws is a cute movie in which a team of dogs travel back in time to thwart an evil cat's attempts to take over the galaxy.  The dogs travel to the era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and full of adventure and laughs.  Star Paws is perfect for kids who love animals, even dinosaurs.  We learned a few interesting facts about dinosaurs from the movie.  I love it when a movie sneaks in a little education.

The Littlest One loves dinosaurs so this is the perfect movie for him.  In fact, Star Paws is a great movie for kids of all ages and at only 77 minutes, it's not too long.  

Check out this exclusive clip

    The battle between Cats and Dogs goes Galactic! Adventure Cat and his evil kitty army hope to snatch a magical galactic bone that will give them the power to take over the entire galaxy. It's up to an elite group of space dogs, headed by the intrepid General Ruff (William McNamara), to beat Adventure Cat to the bone.

What tips do you have for keeping the kids entertained during Winter vacation?

Let me know, leave a comment below.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 6 Bluetooth Speaker that Made Oprah's Favorite Things List

We are rocking around the Christmas tree year again this year!  We are and we streaming all our favorite tunes using our bluetooth speaker.  If you don't have one yet, get one.  These things are awesome.  

You would probably never expect quality sound from such a tiny speaker but don't let the small size fool you these reet petite speakers pump up the volume.  Plus, they're affordably priced and make great stocking stuffers.

I think we paid $15-20 for ours from Best Buy a couple of years ago and we are STILL rocking out to them.  My sister in law has the most adorable bluetooth speaker.  It has a disco ball and syncs to the music being played.  Pretty neat huh?

Well, bluetooth speakers also made the list.  You know, Oprah's Favorite Things List.  My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speakers and we have one just for you, our Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers.  *tosses confettiI'm sure these haute items will sell out quickly given they made the coveted list so I'm really excited that we have one to giveaway.

Pic courtesy of My Audio Pet
My Audio Pet speakers come in six cute animal styles:  Mouse, Cat, Pup, Pig, Bear and Panda.  Priced at $24.99 this gift won't break the bank and each My Audio Pet has a selfie feature so you can snap pics after rocking out. 
Pic Courtesy of My Audio Pet
Three Boys and an Old Lady blog has an adorable Pandamonium My Audio Pet up for grabs.  

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December 05, 2016

Get great deals when doing your holiday shopping!

Now that the holidays are in full gear, you can get great deals and cash back for shopping through Swagbucks! Just go here and see all of the great cash back you can get from some of your favorite stores. Here's how it works:

1. Click here to see the stores offering deals and cash back.
2. Click through to the store(s) of your choice and do some shopping!
3. Get cash back in the form of points (called SB) that you can redeem for free gift cards so you can stretch your holiday budget even further!

As an extra bonus, if you're not a Swagbucks member and join through my link (or you've joined through my link this month), you'll get an one time 200 SB bonus when you spend $25 or more in any of the Swagbucks Shop stores before January 1st! Swagbucks is a great site where you earn SB points for doing every day things online like shopping, discovering deals, taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and more. The SB you earn, the more gift cards you can get, which are a HUGE help this time of year. 

Earning SB points is easy and over the years, I've earned gift cards to my favorite stores. Swagbucks offers gift cards and deals from all my favorite stores including Target, Walmart, Macy's and more and earning gift cards is easy breezy. I visit the site daily, answer the daily poll, watch a few videos and earn a few points every day.  Sometimes I'll even answer a survey or two or shop to earn even more points.  

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 5 Paula's Choice

I've taken more selfies this year than ever before.  Most of the time I'm focused on my hair.  I hardly ever notice those little fine lines by my eyes.
I never really focused on those fine lines around my eyes because I was always focused on the scar right between my eyes.  About 25 years ago, I tripped in the house into the door frame and sustained a severe cut requiring 40 stitches.  

For years I dodged photos and it was only recently in a pic a friend snapped I noticed the scar was hardly noticeable.  It wasn't totally gone, but you could barely see it.  

Now that I'm taking more pics of myself and channeling my inner diva.  It feels good feeling good about me.  Everyone should feel good about the way they look.  

We don't review a lot of makeup but we review tons of skin care products and put them to the test.  We try each product for a minimum of 3 weeks.  It's important to our team of bloggers that the products we test don't cause any breakouts or irritation and the products must be affordable.  

There are way too many fab products to list but we wanted to include one of our fave skin care products during this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.  

I love, love, love Paula's Choice and have been using Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment for nearly 6 months.
Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment is perfect for minimizing those fine lines aka crow's feet.    Paula's Choice products are fragrance free and the company never test their products on animals.  Just a little bit'll do you and you get your money's worth as Paula's Choice products are also affordable and available at stores nationwide.

Choosing the right Paula's Choice product is easy because you can speak with a Paula's Choice rep or use their online questionnaire to find the product that's best for your skin.  

To share our love of this awesome product, we are giving one Lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady blog reader their very own Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment (ARV $57).

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12 Days of Christmas Day 5

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