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QUEEN OF KATWE - In Theatres Today

Today's the day!

Today is National Coffee Day! #NationalCoffeeDay

Today, September 29 is National Coffee Day! What better way to commemorate the day than with a steaming hot cup of FREE java. Yes, FREE! Stop by Krispy Kreme and snag a small cup of coffee and a donut  On the road, head to a Pilot Flying J gas station and enjoy a free cup of joe. Dunkin Donuts will celebrate the day by offering a medium coffee for 66 cents in honor of their 66th anniversary. Do you know of any other places celebrating National Coffee Day today?  Let me know, leave a comment below.

In the spirit of QUEEN OF KATWE, HSN is excited to partner with Soular Backpacks! #QueenOfKatwe

I am looking forward to Disney's Queen of Katwe hitting theaters this weekend.  Got a chance to see it while in L.A. over the Summer and I can't wait to see it again.  Yes, I'm planning to take all of my kids to see it this weekend.   Here's a clip from the movie.  Check it out. Also, in the spirit of QUEEN OF KATWE, HSN is excited to partner with Soular Backpacks! For every Soular Backpack purchased, a solar-powered backpack is given to a child in Africa to help study at night. Currently, children are using kerosene lamps, which can cause health complications. Soular Backpacks use natural energy from the sun during a child’s walk home from school. Make a difference today:

Tasty 2 Ingredient, Gluten Free Orange Glazed Chicken Wings

Looking for a quick and easy alternative to takeout?  Check out this delicious gluten free, sugar free, Kosher, Orange Glazed Chicken Wings recipe. We love ordering orange chicken from our fave Chinese takeout restaurant and I've tried to replicate the recipes but... 

Disney's Moana Sails to a Theater Near You in November 2016

Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped – and no one knows exactly why.  From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous teenager who sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana ( voice of Auli‘i Cravalho ) meets the mighty demigod Maui ( voice of Dwayne Johnson ), who guides her in her quest to become a master wayfinder.  Together, they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds, and along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity.  “Moana” sails into U.S. theaters on Nov. 23, 2016 but check out the trailer below For more information :  Visit ,  Like Dis

Spend $10 and earn 2000 SB from Birchbox - TODAY ONLY!!!

Swagbucks (the online rewards site that puts cash back in your wallet) has an AMAZING offer today only through Birchbox where you get 2000 SB (which is the equivalent of $20 in gift cards) for signing up. Birchbox is the easiest (and most fun!) way to shop for beauty. Sign up for a monthly delivery of five beauty samples tailored to your skin, hair, and style - for just $10/month! Subscribe on Swagbucks through this link  TODAY (9/15) to get your 2000 SB and get paid to try it out! Haven't tried Swagbucks yet? This is a great way to do it, and when you sign up through the link above and get your 2000 SB, you'll get a bonus 300 SB at the end of the month. So that's $10 for trying Birchbox, which gets you 2300 SB, which you can turn into $23 worth of gift cards!

Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don't Belong To #BookReview

Spirituality without Stereotypes, Religion without Ranting by Lillian Daniel A few weeks ago, our newly elected Bishop visited and proclaimed his plans to increase membership.  Like so many small churches, our church has witnessed a steep decline in church membership.  We have a rich history but it's hard for a small church with 3 services a week to compete against larger churches offering more worship opportunities and services for members.   I have heard stories of long ago when our state was home to over 70 A.M.E. Zion churches and now, we have less than 15.  Something must change.   In her book, Tired of Apologizing for a Church I Don't Belong To, author Lillian Daniel tackles the challenge of sharing the gospel without being preachy, without being judgmental, just being human. The popular preacher and public intellectual Lillian Daniel continues to take on the "Spiritual but Not Religious" individuals and shows Christians how to reach them. Slopp

Wordless Wednesday 9.14.2016

My Unconventional Journey to Motherhood

After the twins were born, I looked in the fridge and noticed a small vial in the side door. I'd held onto that vial of medication for nearly a year and with the birth of the twins, I had the courage to dispose of it. It was a tiny vial that held a $1,000 medication. A vial which held all my hopes of motherhood and now after years of fertility treatments, our dreams of parenthood finally came true and it was time to get rid of that vial. Getting pregnant was a pricey investment of time and money for me and my husband. We spent tens of thousands of dollars in our efforts to conceive and countless hours at doctor's offices and hospital labs. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it all over again? Well, yes and no. Yes, I would do it all over again but not exactly the same way we did before. Much has changed in terms of fertility treatments since hubby and I began our fertility journey over a decade ago. Nowadays, couples trying to conceive have options, much more afforda