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6 HEALTHIER Tips to Beat End of the Day Energy Zaps

Last week was a busy one. Days started early and ended late and by the afternoon, I was completely exhausted. I have never liked the flavor of those so-called “energy drinks” and drinking coffee late in the afternoon usually throws off my regular sleeping schedule so I needed a few ideas to avoid the end of the day energy zap. You know that when you’ve got so much more to do and not enough energy to power through. Whether it’s working all day and then having to get ready for afterschool activities or meetings with the teachers or in my case trying to get everything done before heading away for a weekend social media conference, there are days when I’ve got more to do than energy to do it with. Over the years, I’ve learned some tried and true tips to help beat the end of the day energy zaps. 1. Get some fresh air Nothing like a breath of fresh air to energize you mind, body and spirit. Now that the chill of Autumn is in the air, that cold air is sure to give you a little