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5 Things to Know Before You Set Sail to Cozumel

I've been planning a cruise for a long time.  Keyword, "I've".  Cruising is a hard sale for Hubby but I think I may have just sold him on taking our very FIRST cruise later this year!  *applause! applause!!*  
Our Traveling Diva, Roz T, of Southern Divas and Dudes, is cruising to Cozumel, Mexico next week and offered to share a few tips with first time cruisers.  I'm sure these tips will come in handy as Hubby and I make plans to set sail soon.

1.  Make Sure Your Travel Docs are In Order

Don't forget your passport? Carnival highly recommends that all guests travel with a passport.  However, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reminds U.S. citizens "You should always check with your cruise ship, travel agent and or destination country to confirm the requirements for entry into the foreign countries you will be visiting."  Always guard your documents when you travel.
2.  Don't Overpack
Pack the bare essentials:  toiletries, swimsuit, casual wear and formal attire.  Some cruise ships provide toiletries.  However, others may not so be sure to pack your fave toiletry items.  You're traveling to Cozumel and at some point you may want to dip your toes in the sand so pack your swimsuit.  

Casual wear is a must and be sure to check temps before you go and pack accordingly. 
Formal attire?  "Yes, formal attire is a must", says Roz T.  "Dress to the nines for the Captain's Dinner and enjoy the ambiance of 5-star dining."
3.  Attend the Captain's Dinner
Many forego The Captain's Dinner but Roz T suggests first time cruisers make plans to attend the Captain's Dinner.  Yes, there are some delicious dining options on board cruise ships, the Captain's Dinner is the creme de la creme.  
Most cruises offer 1 or 2 Captain's Dinners per cruise depending on cruise length.  The Captain's Dinner is a fancy-schmancy five star gourmet dinner and an opportunity to meet the ship's captain.   

4.  Get OFF the Boat
Although you're sure to find everything you can imagine ON the boat, be sure to get OFF the boat and explore the port of call.  Cozumel is a beautiful port of call and there are so many things to do.  
Explore much of what Cozumel has to offer from the 
pristine beaches to the historical ruins to museums and more.   
A visit to Senor Frogs Cozumel is on my Cozumel Cruise Bucket List
Roz highly recommends Senor Frogs Bahama Mama 
She stopped for a pic with the one and only Senor Frog

5.  Relax and Enjoy 
Whether you're on the ship... 
Or on the beach...

Roz final recommendation is to "RELAX and ENJOY your vacation."  

Have you been on a cruise before?  Where did you go?  

       What are your tried and true travel tips?    

              Let me know, leave a comment below.


Tomi Clark said…
Thanks Roz. Looking forward to more of your travel tips.
Holly said…
Don't over pack is essential! You spend hours in line waiting to get on the ship, and hours waiting to pick up your luggage at the end. Using a small carry-on or purse for essentials will make getting on and off the ship SO much easier. Not to mention, the staterooms are TINY, and less luggage means less to store. Besides, who want to schlep a ton of luggage to your car when you're tired at the end of your trip? We always try and fit everything into one or two suitcases. No so easy with kids, now, but ultimately it makes for much happier travelers! Great tips here. Thanks for the article. (BTW, found you at Anna Nuttall's linky.)
Kemkem said…
I love cruising! I agree with not over-packing and for attending the Captain's dinner. Always fun and a great way to meet people. The opportunity to dress up is always nice too :-).
Masshole Mommy said…
I have not been on a cruise in many years, but the best tip I got was to pack a bathing suit in my carry on!
I would absolutely love to go on cruise one day and just experience what it is like so I'll have to keep these in mind should I ever make it.
We've never been on a cruise before, but we are discussing it as a possible vacation next year. These tips will come in handy since we are clueless when it comes to this type of vacation.
Have never taken a cruise before. Sounds like it would be tons of fun especially with your helpful tips. No over packing would be my problem.
DJ Murphy said…
We've had a great experience cruising in the past! Your tips are great, I think people often forget to bring formal attire because it's a vacation, but there's quite a bit of cruise ship etiquette :)
Joanna Stemen said…
I would love to go to Cozumel! These are great tips for traveling. My husband won't do a cruise so I may have to make it a girls trip!
Anosa Malanga said…
I am yet to go on a cruise but mostly want to take my parents whom I have failed to convince but these are some handy tips
AiringMyLaundry said…
I've never been on a cruise before! I really need to go one day. I'll keep your tips in mind. Your pictures make it look so fun!
Kim LaCoste said…
I ALWAYS overpack...every time I go on vacation I say next time I'll pack lighter and then I don't:)
Pam said…
I have never been on a cruise but I have definitely been considering one. I will keep all these tips in mind if I do!
GeekDad248 said…
We went to Cozumel on our honeymoon. Best snorkeling experience I've ever had. Was like being in a Corona commercial.
Kita Bryant said…
Not over packing is actually a big one. It can be such a pain if you do!
Mommy Moment said…
We have never been on a cruise but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. These tips are definitely helpful in prepping!
Christy Maurer said…
I've never been on a cruise before. The only way I'd go would be if it were paid by someone else lol. I just think I'd feel too cramped in a room! Give me the beach any day!
Louisa Moje said…
These are amazing tips! I tell people the same thing who are planning a trip to Alaska.
chubskulit said…
We have never gone to a cruise yet but hopefully when the kids are a little older we would be able to. These are great tips so I would keep these in mind, thanks.
Catvills said…
We have been a a cruise once and it took us to a lovely vacation in the Caribbean islands. Thank you for your tips. It will really help those who are planning to go on a cruise soon.

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