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Welcome to our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? 

I have.  I just have a few things left to get.  I've picked up a few gifts for my gal pals. Be sure to check out our Gifts for Her.

Ring Video Doorbell
I remember seeing this product on tv and thinking it would be perfect for our family given we travel so much and we get a lot of packages delivered to the house. It'd be great to see who's at the door from anywhere!

Whiskey Stones
Ice waters down a good whiskey but whiskey stones chill to the perfect temp. These stones are high tech and stylish and priced just right. I know my husband would use his to keep his soda ice cold and for some of those beverages we brought back from our recent cruise.

Shaving Kit
It's Movember so dad probably isn't shaving but when December rolls around and he's ready to shave his beard, this shaving kit will come in handy.  This old fashioned shave kit reminds me of the one my grandfather had. Complete with stand, brush, blades and stop, this kit is not only nostalgic but stylish.

My husband's cousin gifted him with a headlamp a few years ago for the backyard barbecue. The guys have this tradition of smoking meat in the smoker all night long and there was never enough light in the backyard. This headlamp hangs with all of his backyard BBQ tools and it's really bright.

Thunderbird Model Car
My dad used to collect cars, both model and real.

Sh*t My Dads Says
This book was a New York Times bestseller and one to keep dad smiling.

Omaha Steaks
Meat lovers rejoice! Friend gifted us with an Omaha Steaks sampler a few months ago and it was so good.

Which of these items do you think the man in your life would enjoy?

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