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Instant Pot Shrimp 'n Grits

On a recent trip to New Orleans, Hubby and I indulged in the best shrimp and grits we've ever had.  I was determined to replicate the recipe and surprise him.
I'd see a recipe for Instant Pot boiled shrimp and was surprised to see it cooks in only 1 minute.  Yes, 1 minute.  1 minute plus my quick 'n easy grits and we'd have a delicious dinner in no time. 
I always have a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer for a quick shrimp scampi, shrimp pasta dish or just to toss a few in a salad.  I usually saute' them on the stove but I just had to try this 1 minute Instant Pot boiled shrimp.  
  • 1-2 lbs. frozen shrimp
  • 1/2 c. water
  • Favorite seasoning (We seasoned with garlic, cajun seasoning and garlic powder)

  1. Pour frozen shrimp into Instant Pot.  Be sure to remove the rack.
  2. Pour water over shrimp
  3. Season with your favorite seasoning.  
  4. Lock your Instant Pot lid and seal valve and set to HIGH pressure for 1 minute.
  5. Quick release when done.

Dump shrimp into Instant Pot
Season with your favorite seasoning.  We love this Creole Seasoning
Add some garlic powder
To YOUR liking

And a lil' garlic
Set to 1 minute on High
Prepare the grits according to directions

The key to good grits is to stir, stir, stir.  I use a fork.  Don't know where I picked up that tidbit from but it's my tried and true technique. 

Spoon cooked grits into a bowl, top with shrimp and serve.

No Instant Pot, no problem just season and saute' shrimp.  Cook grits, spoon cooked grits in a bowl, top with shrimp and serve. It'll take a little longer than 1 minute to cook your shrimp on the stove top but I'm sure it'll taste just as great.

Have you ever prepared Shrimp 'n Grits?             


GiGi Eats said…
I feel like I haven't had shrimp in EONS but now I am really really craving it!
My husband would really enjoy this and with his Birthday right around the corner I think I will make it for her for dinner.
We are not grit eating people in my household so would have to substitute rice or something else. Everything else looks delicious.
Tomi Clark said…
@Candysfarmhousepantry it would definitely go well with rice or pasta. Yummy!
Lisa said…
The best shrimp and grits I ever had was from a little restaurant in Mississippi. It was a special and not on the regular menu but it was incredible.
Jenn said…
I have not had shrimp and grits in so many years. It reminds me of trips down south. I've never even thought of making it myself at home. I'll have to give it a try one day.
Farrah Less said…
This shrimp dish with grits is so mouthwatering. I am not originally from South but I like Grits. I am definitely trying this at home for sure my family will love this!
Terri Steffes said…
We love a good shrimp and grits. We argue about whether the shrimp should be peeled or not... I hate the feel of raw shell but my husband insists that that is the right way.
My kids and I love shrimp dishes. I totally need to take out my instant pot and try this recipe!
laborders2000 said…
I have yet to get an instant pot. I really do want one though. This is certainly something I will make when we get it. My family loves shrimp and grits.
Joanna Brittain said…
I don't have an instant post, and would have never thought you could make a classic like shrimp and grits. Yum!
Dhemz said…
oh, wow! How easy is that. I would love to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing!
Liz Cochico said…
I love easy recipes like this. I've seen this instant pot around. I want to have one.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Wow this looks so delicious! My daughter would love this dish, she loves grits and shrimp.
Carol Cassara said…
Talk about a lovely recipe to try! This one's really easy especially since it's made using an instant pot. I'd love to make it for dinner one of these days!
Quick and easy to whip up when you don't have enough time to prepare. I would like to make this someday.
Peter Macintosh said…
Can’t say I’ve ever had grits as an adult. I remember eating grits with my grandparents friends from Louisiana. Must try
Kita Bryant said…
Now this is a really delicious recipe. I have not had something like this in a very very long time.
Aileen Adalid said…
Oooh, this is interesting! Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for dishes to whip out quickly.

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