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Sweet Potato Dip

Sweet potatoes make an appearance at every one of our family gatherings and it never fails there’s always just a little bit leftover. It’s never enough for feeding the family, but there’s usually enough to make some sweet potato dip.
The dip is easy to make because you’re using leftover sweet potatoes plus it’s good for you. I mean sweet potatoes of much needed vitamins. Pair them with a tasty chip like Good Health Sea Salt Eat Your Vegetable Chips or Snikiddy Hot & Spice Baked Fries and you’ve got a healthy snack.
Sweet potato dip is so good and a great alternative to salsa, sour cream calorie laden dips or hummus. It goes well with chips, veggies, breads or even crackers.

Sweet Potato Dip
1 cup of cooked sweet potatoes, mashed
1 tbsp. plain yogurt
1 tsp. apple pie spice or pumpkin pie spice
½ tsp. cayenne pepper, for a little heat
Salt to taste

Mix all ingredients in a bowl
Serve with your favorite chips, veggies, breads or crackers.
That's it.  2 simple steps and you've got a tasty dip for your favorite snack.  Whether it's chips, veggie sticks, pretzels, cheese, breads, crackers or well, pretty much anything, this dip is a crowd pleaser.
Chips, Veggie Sticks, Pretzels?
What's your favorite snack to dip?


Jeannette said…
Right now I'm trying to eat a lot healthier than I used to and I know sweet potatoes is definitely one way to go. I will have to try this because it looks like it would be very good.
Stacie said…
That sounds so good! I love sweet potatoes in any form - savory or sweet - so I can't wait to give this a try. Om nom nom.
I do love me some sweet potatoes. I never thought to use them in a dip though!
Gemille Sleweon said…
Ive never thought of using sweet potatoes as a dip, but i can definitely see that it would make for a delicious dip. I would love to dry dipping some sort of bread in it.
Gisele said…
Sweet potatoes are that one vegetable that is really good for you but there are few ways to fix them. This is a great idea. I'll have to try this!
Thanks for this recipe! We love sweet potato but now I have something extra to do with them! Plus, who doesn't love a dip?!?! Sweet potato is also so healthy! This is a total win!
Leah said…
I've never heard of sweet potato dip! This sounds heavenly!
Lisa Favre said…
One of my favorite veggies is sweet potatoes so I prepare them quite often. I had never thought of preparing sweet potato dip before though... that is quite original!
Terri Steffes said…
We adore sweet potatoes in our house. I can’t wait to show my daughter this recipe. I bet we have to drop everything and make it! I don’t mind though! 🤣
I love sweet potato but never tried it as a dip. Now I want to try this and see what it is like. :)
Masshole Mommy said…
We are BIG sweet potato fans here in our house, so this would go over BIG with my family. They would love it.
Doria said…
This sounds so interesting! We actually really love sweet potatoes around here, so I think this would go over well!
Well here is a totally new dip for me to try out. Never did a sweet potato dip before. Sounds good.
AiringMyLaundry said…
I think I'd enjoy this dip! I've always been a fan of sweet potato. It sounds fabulous.
I have a friend that loves sweet potatoes, I bet she'd be up for trying this. It sounds nice and simple to make.
Pamela Ki said…
I love sweet potatoes. I never thought about trying it as a dip.
I am late to the party when it comes to sweet potatoes, but I finally tried them a couple months ago and I am obsessed! I will have to try this recipe!
I'm such a huge sweet potato fan! I never thought to put it in a dip. What an interesting idea.
Lynndee said…
Sweet potato is one of my favorites. Your sweet potato dip recipe sounds really good. Yum! Love how easy it is to make too.
Heather D said…
We had mashed sweet potatoes at dinner this weekend. They were amazing. Love them!
I have never thought to use sweet potatoes as a dip, I really want to give this a try! This would be great to make for a bunch of people. Thanks for the idea!
Halo Zouaghi said…
Thanks for sharing. This is an interesting way to use sweet potatoes. Is it sweet or savory?
Kim Croisant said…
My favorite dip to make is hummus, but I do like yours here.
Christy G said…
I don't make a ton of dip for family gatherings. My MIL will make cheese dip with rotel on occasion. I will have to try the sweet potato dip. It is healthy too.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a lovely dip to try especially if you have some left over sweet potatoes. I prefer it over regular potatoes because it's tasty and it's healthier!
Kelly Reci said…
My husband would totally love this recipe. He loves anything that has to do with sweet potato - I should surprise him with it one day.
Ckrusch said…
It looks so good and healthy! I can't wait to make it and serve next weekend!
Oh this sounds delish! I'm going to have to make this to try! My family loves dip at gatherings so I'll do it then
Anosa Malanga said…
Ohh, I love sweet potatoes and I have no idea that it can be also a dip. Now, I am curious and I would want to do it too. Hopefully, I can make it successfully.
Terri Beavers said…
I love sweet potatoes and buy a crazy amount at the farmers market. I just bet this dip would be a fave around here. I know I'd enjoy it.
Sara Welch said…
This would be a smash hit in my family. Sweet potatoes are one of the most used ingredients in this house.
Nikka Shae said…
I’m such a huge fan of sweet potatoes any kind of way! I would love make a dip too!

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