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Living a Life You Love by Joyce Meyer

Many thanks to FaithWords for the opportunity to review this book

Easter 2018 was one for the record books.

Our church musician was ill and had to go to the hospital.
Our pastor fell ill just before Easter service and was rushed to the hospital.

Our church sat in silence as paramedics attended to our beloved pastor. I often say "Don't pray and worry" but as I sat there on that weathered church pew I was worried. Our pastor is such a vibrant person and seeing him struggling to catch his bearings knowing there was nothing I could do but pray worrying my prayers wouldn't be enough.

Yet, even as hope seemed to fade I thought back to some words spoken at the Spring Revival earlier that week.  The guest pastor asked the congregation "Who could use a little more faith?"  Hands all over the church raised high... including mine.  

Again, the pastor asked "Who could use a little more faith?"

More hands joined in and then the pastor said "Everything you NEED you already have."  He went on to explain how we let the day to day make us forget we have enough and we are enough.

This past week I started reading Joyce Meyer's latest book "Living a Life You Love" and as I turn each page I am reminded of the pastor's words that I am enough. 
Learn how to shift your perspective so that you may enjoy every moment and every part of life with #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer.

It’s common to be more frustrated with life than at peace with it, because the daily grind wears you down. Responsibilities and burdens become heavy and rob you of the happiness you’re meant to have as a child of God.

But you can be hopeful, learn to rise above your challenges, and be filled with wonder at what God might do every day.

You will learn how to love life fully, in spite of your obstacles, and experience the happiness that is promised to you.

Joyce will explain:

  • Why you can’t love life unless love is the central theme of it,
  • Why your attitude affects your life more than any outside circumstances,
  • How the love, help, and kindness you give away will come back to you immeasurably,
  • How to look to the future and keep your joy,
  • And so much more!
God has already blessed you with a life to love–and it’s time to start LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE.

Click here to read an excerpt. 
Don't let the stresses of the world keep you from living a life YOU love.  Take some time out for yourself every day to keep yourself healthy mind, body and spirit.  

My pastor will be fine.  His doctor ordered him to rest and although we will miss him at service this Sunday, we are so happy he is recuperating.  Take care of yourself and if it something in your life is stealing your joy, find a way to remove it so you can life a life YOU love.

Meyer's Living a Life You Love: Embracing the Adventure of Being Led by the Holy Spirit is in bookstores nationwide.

Click here for the book locator and more about the author.


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