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9 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Today is Valentine's Day and you meant to pick up a card for your sweetheart but...

Okay, don't worry, we've got this covered.  Here are 9 last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas sure to wow your valentine.

1.  Deliver a bouquet of flowers.  Not knocking floral delivery service but Valentine's Day is one of the busiest delivery days and there's no real guarantee your flowers will arrive on time so save your cash and pick up a bouquet and drop them off to your valentine.  

2.  Good chocolate.  It's Valentine's Day so splurge on the good chocolate.  Your sweetie probably doesn't want a big box of sweets so choose 3 pieces of their favorite chocolate.  1 for them, 1 for you and 1 to share. 

3.  Heart themed coffee mug.  Fill the mug with a few candies or better yet, fill with a couple of packets of hot chocolate or a couple of K-cups.

4.  Dinner at Home.  Nothing like a home cooked meal of your sweetheart's favorites.  

5.  A really nice card.  Don't splurge on the card.  Choose a card your valentine will remember for days to come.  Hallmark always has some amazing cards and this year they launched the More to Love Valentines Day cards with vinyl records.  
It's a real vinyl 45 record and perfect for music lovers.  I fell in love with the card featuring the INXS record.  The 80's music lover me knew my valentine would love the "Need You Tonight" and "Never Tear Us Apart" song selections.  

6.  Print one of those fab photos from your phone.  My Valentine and I have this one pic we snapped while on vacation last year.  It's my favorite pic of us and I finally printed it using the FreePrints app.  I get up to 1,000 free 4x6 prints each year of my favorite prints from my phone and the shipping is always affordable.  Or stop by your local Kodak Kiosk and print an 8x10 from your phone.  Check Walgreens online as they often feature freebie codes for a free 8x10 on Valentine's Day.

7.  Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.  Find the biggest, brightest strawberries you can find, melt some chocolate in the microwave, dip the strawberries, chill and serve.  Easy breezy.

8.  Bake a Cake.  In a large bowl, combine a 12 oz. can of your favorite soda and a box of cake mix.  Bake according to directions on cake mix box.  Add your favorite frosting and tada, you've got dessert.  If your valentine is cutting back on calories, use angel food cake mix and diet soda for a guilt free treat.

9.  Make a Playlist of your favorite songs and share with your valentine.  I have Pandora and I created a playlist of songs celebrating my 20+ years with my sweetie.  Our wedding song.  That one song he sings that makes me laugh.  The song from our first concert together.  My favorite back in the day jam.  Each song reminds me of something about my sweetie.

There you have it, 9 last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas sure to wow!
What are some last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas you'd add to the list?  Which, if any, of these gifts would you gift to your valentine?


Emily said…
These are all great ideas! We have plans to have a late dinner at home once we put the kids to bed. This way we can still celebrate but not have to deal with the crowds and rush of it being a weekday. I am always up for flowers too!
Alli Smith said…
I'm speaking at an event tonight so we will be leaving tomorrow to celebrate a late Valentine's Day weekend at the beach. Any of these gifts would be perfect last-minute gifts.
Masshole Mommy said…
Those are all really great ideas. We don't celebrate it at our house, but my kids bring valentines to school to exchange with friends.
candy said…
Nine easy and good gifts to purchase and take home if you are late on Valentines Day. Simple dinner at home is my preference.
AiringMyLaundry said…
These are some great ideas! We're just relaxing at home and ordering pizza. No one feels like cooking. Or baking. So it'll be chocolates for dessert!
Jeannette said…
How did you know that I needed something like this. I have been looking for something for a last-minute gift and these are a lot of great ideas.
For Valentine's Day, chocolate or flowers is always a hit. I also like sentimental, handwritten notes.
Unknown said…
These are some great ideas for valentines day gifts. My daughter loves arts and crafts so making cards would be fun.
Sara Welch said…
Hopefully no one will have to use this. So glad you have it here for those that do though!
Sarah Bailey said…
These are some awesome ideas, I'm easily pleased so a box of chocs and flowers would have me very happy for sure.
ricci said…
I love all of these ideas!! I especially love the idea of baking a cake for someone, I think that show that you really care!
chubskulit said…
I got my husband a coffee mug and I filled it with roasted nuts for snacks, he loved it.
Terri Steffes said…
I took your advice and delivered some flowers to my elderly neighbors. Just small bouquets of roses, but it was received with smiles and maybe a few small tears.
Our Family World said…
Great list! We just made a special dinner for the whole family. My husband and I make every day like Valentine's day. We usually do little things that mean a lot more than store bought gifts
Rachel Ferrucci said…
These are all great tips. I love my chocolate but I love the idea of a playlist. We don't go crazy on D Day so it's usually a nice dinner at home.
Anosa said…
All such lovely ideas, dinner at home or flowers are always winners in my book. But I do love your other suggestions too

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