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How to Make Steamed Italian Green Beans #sponsored #Nutrisystem

This post is sponsored by Nutrisystem.  All opinions are mine.  
Family dinner time is important to us.  It's the time of day where we talk about the happenings of the day and just connect and have a good time.  My decision to get healthier was a decision which affected my entire family.  I was already pretty particular when it came to feeding my kids healthy, nutritious meals but it was me who had the snacking problem and it showed.

It's so easy to grab a quick lunch from the drive thru or a quick bite while waiting for the kids to finish practice but those added calories don't stay hidden for long.  

Nutrisystem is changing my life.  I never imagined my weight would balloon to nearly 300 lbs. and I never thought getting back on track would ever happen.  
I guess I expected the weight to come off in one fell swoop but truth is I didn't gain this weight overnight and surely I can't expect to lose it overnight either.  It's work.  It's planning and it's my life right now and I'm going to do this.

I've set a goal to lose 50 lbs. and I'm over halfway there.  I'm cooking more with fresher ingredients, living a more farm to table lifestyle and loving my journey.

One of my favorite Nutrisystem entrees is the Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast.  It's packed with 17 grams of protein and only 210 calories and it's so good.
I like to serve it with a salad and one of our family faves:  Italian Green Beans.  
Before starting Nutrisystem I used to make these green beans with a chicken broth stock, butter, Italian dressing mix, and cook for nearly 30 minutes.  
I didn't realize how much I was really drowning the flavor AND nutrition out of these delicious beans. 
Now I just steam with a few cloves of garlic for about 5-7 minutes and done.  A sprinkling of salt substitute for Hubby and tada, dinner is done.
I usually buy about a pound or two of fresh green beans for dinner and it never fails on the days I use 1 lb. someone wants seconds or thirds and then I have to prepare more green beans.
These green beans will definitely be on our Thanksgiving and Christmas tables and I can't wait for everyone to try them.
Here's a breakdown of my Nutrisystem journey going so far. 
Starting Weight 281

Date    lbs.lost  Weight
16-Jan    -8          273
23          -2           271
30          -7          264
6-Feb     -1          263
13          -1          262
20          -2          260
27          -2          258
6-Mar    -1          257
13          -1          256
20          -1          255
27          -1.5       253.5
3-Apr     -1          252.5
10          3           255.5
17          1           256.5
24          1           257.5
1-May    -2           255.5
8            1           256.5
15          -3          253.5
22          -1.5       252
29          6           258
5-Jun     3           261
12         -2          259
19         -2          257
26          3          260
3-Jul      3.5       263.5
10          -2         261.5
17          -2         259.5
24          -3         256.5
31          -4         252.5
7-Aug    -1         251.5
14          -3         248.5
21           4         252.5
28          -2         250.5
4-Sep     -2        248
11           -2        250
18            1        249
25          -0.5     249.5
2-Oct      0        249.5
9            1.5     251

Total Weight Loss to Date: -35.5

I'm always on the lookout for new recipes to try with my family or ways to make old faves healthier so if you have a low cal, healthy veggie recipe please feel free to share in a comment below.
Do you have a favorite veggie side dish?  


Steaming is so much better over boiling the heck out of them. We like tout throw fresh green beans in a skillet with teaspoon of oil and salute them as well.
Bill Sweeney said…
Those green beans sound really good. We love to steam our veggies. We used to boil them, but they taste better steamed, and they're much healthier.
Vera Sweeney said…
Isn't it amazing how so many recipes that we thought were good were really just a blog of flavors covering up the real star? Since my husband and I started eating healthier, sides like this have become our favorite. The freshness of flavor is what really makes it!
This post kills me! I have been allergic to green beans for the past few years. I love green beans so this one hurts a little.
Kim LaCoste said…
Green beans are one of my favorite vegetables and then add!!! How yummy and simple.
Congratulations on your weight loss so far. It's a tough journey! We love steaming green beans, but I honestly only cook them for about 3 to 4 minutes in the microwave. We like them to carry a crunch.
miranda said…
the green beans look great!
I don't eat enough of them! I did a food shop this weekend and I'm trying new veg broccoli, Brussel sprouts and asparagus!
im so excited. my favourite veg is spinach.
Joyce Duboise said…
I was on Nutrisystem for awhile and it was fantastic! I'd love to join their program again. These green beans sound like LOTS of yum, too by the way!
Bonnie Gowen said…
First off, congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome. Those green beans look really good. I will try making ours like this next time we have them.
Marysa said…
Sounds like a great dish - easy and healthy. I love both green beans and garlic, I will have to make this, especially when we have a busy weeknight.
Ricci Ellis said…
I love Italian green beans but have never made them myself, now I don't have an excuse not to! LOL!
I absolutely love green beans! These look so delicious! Trying to eat healthier, so I'll definitely be making this!
laborders2000 said…
What a great way to add in green beans. We actually prefer steaming as much as we can. It is so much better for you.
Heather said…
You are doing such an amazing job! I know it's hard to put yourself out there, but so many will benefit from journeying to better health with you. Steaming veggies is a great way to add in some more nutrients to our diets.
rosemary palmer said…
Green beans are a staple in my house, usually every week and love them in most forms. Never got into the green bean casserole though. Prefer the natural flavor of them.
We love Steamed green beans! It's almost always our side dish when we have chicken or fish. Will try out your recipe.
E H said…
I don't cook green beans at home enough, but we all like the beans so much! I will have to make this dish soon!
adriana nudo said…
These look so delicious! I'm always looking to switch up dinners and try different side dishes that are exciting and delicious. I think I need to try this recipe out! It looks so great!
I always prefer steaming over anything else. I know taste a bit bland but I need to ensure that I am always healthy and my food is oil free as much as possible. Thanks for sharing this!
Right on time, I am on a veggie diet now. I love steamed veggies, aside from being nutritious, they are also delicious.

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