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My Nutrisystem Journey Week 12 + 5 Summer Must Haves #ad #NSNation

We are just days away from Summer ’17 are you ready? 

Check out these 5 Summer Must Haves that won’t break the bank.

A Wide Brimmed Straw Hat is a Summer essential. Not only does it provide shelter from the blistering sun what better way to channel your inner Hollywood Starlet with a wide brimmed floppy straw hat. They’re also great for those of us who like to read by the beach. A properly positioned wide brim can protect your eyes from and provide the perfect shade as you flip the pages of the latest bestseller Summer read. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. All of the hats pictured below are all priced under $25 courtesy of Old Navy, Amazon and H&M.
Sunscreen is definitely a Summer essential. No matter what your skin tone. Dark. Fair. It doesn’t matter. Sunscreen is a Summer must have. Summer rays can be harmful to skin so protect your skin and opt for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply accordingly. Sunbathers please note you can still get a tan while wearing sunscreen. 

A Stylish Cover Up is a Summer essential. I am proud of the 23 lbs. I’ve lost so far thanks to Nutrisystem *hair flip* but not quite ready to showcase my goodies to the whole world just yet. Something about donning a stylish coverup or sarong over my 2-piece bikini that makes this Diva in the Making feel super cute. 
No need to go out and buy one. Your fave tunic or a long scarf can double as a cover up! A few years ago a friend of mine brought me a cute handmade piece of fabric from Tanzania and a friend of ours taught me how to tie a sarong

Snacks. Yes, snacks are a Summer essential especially for that long Summer vacay road trip. We’re notorious for packing a cooler full of sodas, sugary juices and processed foods when hitting the road for the annual family summer vacation. This year I’m changing all of that. I’m packing homemade fruit leather, cheese sticks and bottled water for the kids and some of my fave Nutrisystem snacks for myself. 
I had a setback last month and didn’t lose a single pound. My Nutrisystem counselor said it seemed like I was always on the go and advised I keep a breakfast bar or a snack bar in my purse for a quick meal on the go. 

Disclosure:  I am an Nutrisystem Blogger and I received a complimentary subscription to Nutrisystem in exchange for this post.  Follow #NutrisystemSnaps for more on my weight loss journey and that of other #NSNation bloggers.   
What a perfect idea for Summer travel.  We can forego the long pit stop for a heavy breakfast and keep it moving with a breakfast bar, bottled water and a quick stop.

Lastly, a fab pair of sandals for every single member of the family THAT WILL WEAR THEM. Hubby and the 2 of the three boys will wear sandals but my middle kid and my daughter are not huge fans of sandals and I’m only a fan of wearing them AFTER a pedicure. If you’re heading to the beach, you may want to forego slides and opt for a thong sandal for better grip. 
Can’t find a flip flop you like? Grab your glue gun and head to your nearest craft store.   
Worry about broken flip flops? Keep a bread tie nearby for a quick flip flop repair.

So there you have it our 5 Summer essentials:
Straw Hat
Cover Up

What are YOUR Summer essentials? Let me know, leave a comment below.

I'm proud to be a #NSNationBlogger. Click here to start your weight loss journey!


Masshole Mommy said…
I have heard awesome things about Nutrisystem. I have been seriously considering trying out the program for myself.
Alli Smith said…
I have a thing for swimsuit coverups. I have a collection of them and have to make myself stop buying them! I love the "privacy please" straw hat. When I'm vacationing in the Caribbean every summer, I want my privacy! :)
LaShawn Wiltz said…
I love coverups, the fancy ones! I have too many! And a hat is always necessary!
Jeannette said…
I think I wish I eat these Nutrisystem meals before I went on vacation. I have a couple coverups and I gained more weight than I would like to. I will definitely check into these meals.
Tomi Clark said…
I love the variety of food choices Nutrisystem offers. I was trying to lose a few lbs for a special occasion and have stuck with the program. It's definitely working for me.
Tomi Clark said…
I too am a lover of cover ups and I keep my wife brimmed hat with me because it cuts down the glare on my Kindle Fire when reading outside.
Tomi Clark said…
I ❤️ Coverups as well. They're so many fashionable ones available nowadays. I picked up a lovely blue floral one for $10 last week and just in time for our Summer vacation
Tomi Clark said…
I'm so glad my Nutrisystem counselor suggested keeping a bar in my bag. I love the snack and lunch bars especially the chocolate thin mint bar. Yummy!!!
Kathryn Kinsley said…
I love the cover ups! Right now I am only using a dress that I got years ago and I'm in the market for a new one.
These are some great summer musts, I am all for a good cover up and there is nothing like a nice snack either.
Joanna Stemen said…
I have a closet full of bathing suit cover ups. I love them and a couple good pairs of sandals for the summer. I have recently started getting into wearing hats.
Pam said…
Nutrisystem is a great way to get your bikini body! I have used it before and had success with it.
These are my summer essentials too. Sunscreen and some great snacks are so important for busy days on the go for sure.
Sarah Honey said…
I've heard great things about Nutrisystem. Definitely sunscreen & healthy snacks are a must!
Maurene Cab said…
Nice list of summer essentials. I always bring my sunscreen with me. I love summer by the way.
adriana nudo said…
I'm always hearing great things about Nutrisystem! It really sounds like a great program. I'm so glad it's going so well! So awesome!
Kiwi said…
I went to a hat event today! I didnt think I liked hats because of my curly hair but today I was inspired to buy some!
Rebecca Swenor said…
This is a great list of summer essentials. Flip flops and sunglasses are something I don't go without along with sunscreen. The bottled water and a light snack I always carry around with me no matter what seanson it is too.
My Teen Guide said…
Lovely cover-ups you featured in this post. I like the one that looks like a butterfly. So unique! The Nutrisystem bars are also good to have handy for a quick snack for extra energy.
Vianney said…
I am loving the brim hate with the cute quotes on them. Snacks are always a must, great tip!
Stephanie Pass said…
I think my favorite is the swimsuits cover ups. The striped one is my favorite. I would live in that.
sara lafountain said…
I have also heard many people have success with Nutrisystem. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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