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My Nutrisystem Journey Week 8 "How's the food?"

One of the first questions I get from family and friends about Nutrisystem is "How's the food?"

Seriously, if I was compiling a list of Top 10 Things People Ask Me About Nutrisystem, "How's the food" would rank 1st. 

With over 150 foods to choose from, Nutrisystem offers a wide variety of foods to choose from and you can customize your meals to your tastebuds. 

Pantry Items ship in a box and frozen items ship in a cooler with dry ice.  Sidebar:  My neighbor stops by each month and ask for my coolers. He uses them at deer camp.  Go figure.
Daily Tracker, Turbo Shakes and all my Non-frozen Nutrisystem foods
My first Nutrisystem order was so random.  Since, at the time, I rarely ate breakfast, I struggled with the breakfast choices.  I mean would Nutrisystem Homestyle Pancakes taste anything like Hubby's Sunday morning pancakes?  Would the Buttermilk Waffle have that crisp like my homemade waffles?  Would the Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet fill me up?

Well, the pancakes don't taste anything like Hubby's, the waffle doesn't have that crisp like mine but the Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet is absolutely delicious.  It is ONE of my fave breakfast items.  I also love the muffins...EVERY SINGLE MUFFIN.  The Blueberry, Caramel Apple, Double Chocolate and the Cinnamon Streusel.  Luv, luv, luv-luv, luv!
Zap it in the microwave for about 10 secs. to make it even tastier!
A fellow #NSNation member shared a tip of zapping the muffin in the microwave for a few seconds.
Look at this big burst of blueberry goodness
The 2nd month, I opted for more pantry items vs. frozen items.  I had a lot of traveling scheduled during February and found the lunch bars to be the perfect grab 'n go meal choice.  I chose Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Caramel, Fudge Graham and Trail Mix bars for lunch. 
Double Chocolate Caramel Pic Courtesy of Nutrisystem
Each bar is full of fiber and protein and very filling and if I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be the Peanut Butter, no the Double Chocolate Caramel, no the Fudge Graham, wayment the Trail Mix bar... no, I can't do it, they're all so tasty.

Dinner, well dinner is the one meal we eat together so I chose items similar to what was on my family menu.  If I'm making chicken Alfredo for the family, I'm dining on a Nutrisystem Chicken Alfredo dinner.  If I'm making chicken enchiladas for the family, I'm dining on Nutrisystem Chicken Enchiladas with homemade salsa or salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant. 
Lotsa Salsa
I have salsa with almost every meal.  It's my Nutrisystem fave freebie.
Plus I eat my veggies with each meal.  Lots of veggies. My plate is piled high with veggies like cucumbers, zucchini, onions, scallions, various tomatoes and peppers which add a pop of colorful flavor.
The Colors of Fresh Veggies
When asked my thoughts on the Nutrisystem foods, my answer is this with so many tasty choices you're sure to find something you like.  Try new foods, experiment a little and flavor your weight loss plan to your liking.  It took a couple of tries but I've found the foods I like and it would seem as if there's no possible way you'd lose weight but if you stick to the plan, the pounds will come off.  It's working for me and I LOVE IT!!!

Week 8
lbs. lost this week: 1
Total lbs. Lost: 22


Lisa said…
Found you on Twitter. Congrats on NS Success!! I love Nutrisystem. I also blogged my journey. You can find it on my blog. Good luck!!! It works like magic!!! I lost 50 lbs! Come visit me sometime.
It's good to have OPTIONS on a diet plan like this - or else, you will quit and then revert back to your old ways!
Stacie said…
The thing I love about Nurti System is that you have so many options. I also love that the food is tasty. It's hard to stick to something gross.
Danielle said…
Nutri System sounds pretty great. I love that they have so many food options. Things will never get boring, and that's the key to success!
Jeannette said…
I love that there are so many options with this. If you don't have options then you just get sick of the food and then you just don't want to eat anymore. I love everything they have here. It looks like they have a good variety and it looks like it'll taste good.
Leah said…
I love that there are so many options. At one time, I thought about trying this out.
That is great that there is such a variety of foods to chooses from on NutriSystem. I've seen commercials of this on TV!
I am so happy for you that you are doing so well on Nutrisystem! I think for anyone it takes time to find their personal favorite menu items. I would not expect any diet food to be AS good as the hubby's or my own but it's worth it!
Heather Jones said…
The foods do look pretty good. Anything that helps us maintain a healthier life I see as a good thing. If it doesn't taste good, you aren't inclined to keep doing it.
Sue Reddel said…
Sounds like you're really enjoying the Nutrisystem food. I've always wondered if it was any good. Thanks for letting us know your experience.
Marysa said…
Those all look like tasty options. How convenient to have these foods ready to eat. It sounds like things are going well, and that's great you are enjoying their food options.
Ricci Ellis said…
I have heard good things about Nutrisystem and have been wanting to try it! Thanks for all the great info!!
Kathy said…
Nutrisystem is amazing! I was on it for a while, and the food was delicious. I would do this again if I could. One of the best weight loss programs for sure.
Christy G said…
This program sounds great and a great way to lose the weight. I really need to get my butt in gear and start working on my weight loss journey again too.
Cyn said…
I didn't realize they had so many options! Those muffins and bars look really good.
Nichole Arnold said…
I always wonder about taste, price, and of course hunger pains. These looks tasty and I am now drooling over the salsa. Glad to see you are enjoying it!
Rose Ann Sales said…
Wow! Those are looks fantastic! The muffin and bars are my favorite.

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