February 06, 2017

My Nutrisystem Week 2 #NSNation #ad

Disclosure:  I am a Proud #NSNation Blogger and I received Nutrisystem 
in exchange  for this review.  The opinions expressed above are 100% mine.  

My first week of my Nutrisystem journey was amazing.  I lost 8 lbs.  I could tell I lost a little weight because my go to black slacks were a little loose.  I've had them for years and some have a little black dress but this chick has a pair of black slacks that I wear all the time.

Week 2 got off to a rocky start.  I was showering and felt a marble size something in my breast.  I called my doctor and she felt it also and recommended a diagnostic mammogram.  I received a call later that day telling me my appointment would be the following week.  Great! A week with this lump in my chest.  

Then a new computer system at work didn't help.  The system glitched and glitched and Tech Support was of no assistance.  I was struggling to meet a deadline and everything was a go and then the system crashed.  What a week.

I made it through the work week and was looking forward to a weekend of rest but when I picked up the kids and they hit me with their weekend schedules:  wrestling tournament, band regionals and a chess tournament.  So much for my a day of rest and why was I JUST hearing of all these scheduled activities?  I am always on top of it when it comes to my kids' schedules.  I just couldn't believe I missed all of this.  

To make matters worse, all three events were scheduled on the same day within hours drive of each other but I, being the dedicated mom I am, was determined to make it to every single event and surprisingly enough I did.

Their events began at 9 AM, 2 PM and 4 PM.  My supermom kicked in and I was like "Oh yeah, I can make it ALL three events".  I packed my Nutrisystem meals for the day:  Breakfast ✔ Snack ✔ Lunch  ✔ Snack  ✔ , a small salad full of SmartCarbs (broccoli, red leaf lettuce and tomatoes), some fresh fruit and my trusty water jug and loaded up the car.  Hubby and I were on our way.

First event:  Youngest had a wrestling tournament.  The team was doing well and after a few matches, it was time for my son's weight class.  He typically wrestles Junior Varsity and the Varsity player was on deck, so I knew my son would probably not get a chance to wrestle.  However, as luck would have it, the varsity wrestler was over the weight class by 2 ounces, so my son would get the chance to wrestle.  He was doing great and then about 10 minutes into the match a loud 

My kid fell to the floor.  I knew something was wrong.  I felt my chest cave in and I looked at my husband and screamed in disbelief.  The crack echoed so loudly.  I remember scanning the arena looking for the quickest route to get to my kid.  "Oh my Lord, please" I kept mumbling over and over racing to get to my kid.  The medical professionals gathered around him and his dad knelt down beside him.  I stayed away thinking as long as his dad was there he would be okay.  He would probably freak out if he saw me so I stayed away pacing and waiting anxiously for the ambulance to arrive.

The opposing team's coach came to comfort me apologizing but no apology was needed.  We understood the risk when our kid told us he wanted to wrestle.  We just never thought anything would happen to our kid.

The ER doc was able to set the bone and hours later we were sent home, my kid in a temporary cast with a follow up appointment with the surgeon for Monday. 

In the chaos of the day, we hadn't eaten the entire day.  After picking up our other kids we stopped and grabbed some pizzas on the way home.  It had been a long, exhausting day and neither of us felt like cooking.  As hubby and the kids sat down to munch on pizza, I didn't.  

"You gonna eat", he asked.  

         "Nah", I replied.

                "Babe, you need to eat something" he prodded.

I just wasn't in the mood. I kissed my husband on his forehead and left to check on our kid who was resting in the living room recliner.
A few moments later, hubby brought me a salad and one of my Nutrisystem dinners.  "You need to eat something."

He was right.  I needed to eat something and the SmartCarbs and protein-rich Nutrisystem dinner was a much healthier option than pigging out on pizza.  

Before Nutrisystem I would have drowned my stress in a calorie rich plate of food or overindulged in a bag of crunchy snacks but this time, I didn't.  I tend to eat when I am stressed but this time I made a healthier choice and that's a start.  Learning to make healthier choices will help me live a healthier life.
I can't wait to see what Week 3 has in store.

Week 2
Lbs. lost this week:  2 and a few ounces
Total lbs. Lost:  10 and a few ounces 


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