January 04, 2017

5 Benefits of Reading to Your Little One

One of my dearest friends, Janet Jackson, just became a new mommy.  Okay, I've got a confession, Janet isn't one of my dearest friends BUT she did just have a baby.  Anyhoo, welcome to  motherhood beloved. 

I'm sure she and her billionaire hubby will have a slew of nannies to take care of their little one and of course Mother Katherine and big sis, Rebbie, will be on hand to offer parenting wisdom but I dare not miss this opportunity to share a little mommy wisdom of my own.

Trust me on this Janet, this tip will pay off in many ways.

You listening???


That is it.  *drops mic*

Read to your little one.  Reading to your little one is a surefire way to spend quality time with your baby and there are so many other benefits to reading with your little one.

I remember when my kids were babies and seeing their smiling faces look up at me as I read to them.  It was our special bonding time. 

Doesn't matter what you read, babies don't care. They just love being held and hearing your voice.  Seriously, I can recall several nights where I read cookbooks to my babies and they just lovingly gaga-ed and cooed at me.

pic courtesy of B.E. Chancellor
Many pediatricians will tell you that reading to your baby helps make baby a little smarter too.  I don't know about everyone else but I've got a houseful of honor roll students, a Quiz Bowl team member, a couple of Math Olympiad participants and a National Honor Society scholar.
Our pediatrician even told me reading helps babies recognize certain words thereby increasing their vocabulary. 
Reading to baby engages them physically as well.  Ever notice how babies are drawn to sounds?  Reading to your little one helps them to focus.  Their eyes are drawn to the sound of your voice and their bodies move in response to the tone and inflection of your voice. 
Reading to baby is a great way to establish a bedtime routine.  It doesn't have to be some long fairy tale.  In fact, most children's books take about 5-10 minutes to read.  You can Google "5 minutes bedtime stories for babies" and you'll see tons of books for you to enjoy with your little one.
We love this 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories book.  The book is full of familiar stories from the Old and New Testament and shortened to 5 minutes.  The vibrantly illustrated book of Bible stories is ideal for winding down after a busy day of play. 
Doesn't matter what you read, just know you are helping to foster a lifelong love of reading.
I'm sure there are many other benefits to reading to baby. What say you? 
What are some other benefits we may have missed? 
What are some of your favorite books to read to your little one? 


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