December 13, 2016

Oh What Fun It Is to Give, Give, Give it Away #3BoL12Days

We have had so much fun giving away fab prizes during the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways and I'm sure you're probably wondering what happened to days 11 and 12.  

The giveaways didn't stop.  In fact, these giveaways were special but their joy won't be known until Christmas morn.  We're charging this special Santa with this special delivery.

Last week, the youngest and I were shopping and picked the names of 2 angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  The Salvation Army Angel Tree Project is one of our favorite service projects.  The kids enjoy picking a tag or two from the tree containing the name, age, size and wishlist for a child in need.  

The REAL fun begins after you've picked your angel's name from the tree.  I armed the kids with a shopping cart and off they went.  I could hear them asking each other "Do you think so and so would like this" while testing what seemed like every toy in the toy aisle to find the perfect gifts for our angel.  

I had a blast shopping for clothes for the 2 year old.  I found so many affordable items and ended up buying 2 outfits for each kid and only spent about $30. 

We were lucky enough to find everything on one of the kid's list but had trouble finding a karaoke machine.  This is usually the time of year when you can find them at a decent price but the ones we saw weren't the most kid friendly products.  They were pretty complicated but we settled on one we think she'll enjoy.  

What about you?  What are you giving away this year?  

I hope you will give away a random act of kindness this Christmas season.  Share the love of Christ with everyone you meet and keep the joy of Christmas in your heart as long as you can.  

Congratulations to all the winners thus far and don't forget there are still a few giveaways still open.

Click on pic to be taken to giveaway.

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