December 06, 2016

New DAY Resolutions Snacking Healthy and Feeling Great

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  Get ready, we're just days away from all those 2017 New Year's Resolution posts.  I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  I mean every day, heck every moment is an opportunity to start fresh.  Besides if you want to eat healthier, what are you waiting for.  

I'm not saying give up the chocolate chip cookies, I'm saying try a healthier chocolate chip cookie mix.  Bake your own using Amongst Friends - Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.  You just need 1 egg, vanilla and butter and bake something special.  These homemade tasty treats are a healthy choice thanks to the whole grain oat flour and cane sugar.  You won't miss the chocolate as they're full of tasty chocolate chips.

Like smoothies?  Add some PBfit Peanut Butter Powder to your smoothie and amp up the flavor.  Or you could be like my middle kid and just add a little water and make the best PB and J sandwiches ever.  He loves this stuff.

I even found a way to make my great grandma's homemade brownies a little healthier by swapping out the traditional cocoa with Wild Foods - Wild Chocolate Powder.  Same measurements as her traditional brownies, but a lot healthier and tastier.

My great grandma would visit us each year and stay from November until March.  I remember her silver dollar pancakes and homemade fudge brownies.  I always thought she should write a cookbook because she was the most amazing cook ever.  Over the years, in my quest to eat a little healthier, I have tried several variations of her recipe including swapping the oil with applesauce, using different oils, even trying different cocoas.  I can't wait to try baking her homemade fudge brownies using Wild Food - Wild Chocolate Powder.  The package smells so yummy!

Speaking of snacking, have you tried kale bars?  Mediterra makes a pretty tasty kale and pumpkin seeds bar.  I like looking at a food and recognizing the ingredients.  

So, let's make a pact to forego the new year's resolutions and instead commit to doing something healthy each and every single day.  

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