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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 8 Amazon Gift Card - 2 Winners

Each year, the kids get to choose an ornament to add to the Christmas tree.  You'd think of doing this for over a decade that our tree would be heavy laden with ornaments but it's not.  Funny how that works.

Even my mom does it.  I don't recall us shopping for ornaments much as a kid in the manner my kids and I do but my mom always had some special ornaments she put on the tree each year.

When it comes to letting the kids choose their ornaments, I don't really place any restrictions on their ornament choice.  I pretty much allow them to choose the ornament of their liking, 'cept for that one time when one of the kids wanted this ornament that was like $50.  Hey, I've got limits.  Anyhoo, for the most part they get to choose what they like and each year as we trim the tree we reflect on each of the ornaments.  "Mommy, remember this one?"  "Wow, I can't believe we still have this one."  It's our little tradition and I hope it's one the kids will carry on.

Today's #3Boys12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is simple.  I'm giving away two $5 Amazon gift cards.  

That's right 2 lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers will receive a $5 Amazon gift card to purchase an ornament of their choice or a little stocking stuffer.  

To enter:  Leave a comment below sharing a special Christmas memory.  You may enter as many times as you like.  Each comment counts as one entry. 

Winner will be chosen via 
Giveaway ends at the stroke of midnight on 12/19/16  
Giveaway is open to worldwide entries

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Chris said…
My special christmas memory is returning home from work on Christmas Eve. many years ago now. It had just started to snow. The lovely stuff that comes straight down and sticks to the ground. As I reached home, the lights were on and Mom and my brother were waiting inside for me with a nice warm drink. it was such a lovely thing and has never happened again.
Janet W. said…
A special Christmas memory I have was when I was a little girl. I really wanted the game Candyland. My oldest sister ended up giving it to me and I found out she bought it with her own money. It meant the world to me!
Mammamayor said…
My memories are of my kids each one at different times ,when they got excited when they opened their first gift from Santa ,Natalie,
Jackie said…
One of my favorite Christmas memories is coming home after school on a day my mom was baking Christmas cookies. The house would smell wonderful and the cookies were all layed out on the dining room table.
Jerry Marquardt said…
My favorite memory of the Christmas holiday is celebrating and opening gifts of which my mother was around. me and my family lost her last year. This will be the second holiday celebration without her, and I miss her a lot.
Elena said…
My special Christmas memory is baking cookies with my grandma when I was little

elena150980 at yahoo dot com
momo said…
One of my Christmas memories years ago when my Mom and Dad were still here with us was I had received a brand new turn table to play all my awesome 45's on.
Glogirl said…
A special Christmas memory is when I was a child. We hung our stockings on the door knobs of our bedrooms. If we were still awake late Christmas Eve, we could hear "Santa" filling our stockings!
lissa crane said…
My favorite holiday memory is when we made holiday cookies with my daughters one year and it ended up in a huge flour fight in our kitchen! It was a huge mess but we had so much fun, and will never forget it!
Pamk said…
My favorite holiday memory happened when I 16. I didn't really believe in Santa but he came. I'm 50 now and I'm still not sure how she pulled it off. All the family was at my aunts and no one left but Santa had come when we got home. My mom loved xmas and she made it special. This was my last xmas with her and this is a special memory. my son's got ornaments foe xmas and now that they are grown they are embarrassed by some of them
Glogirl said…
Another memory is going to my grandparent's sheep farm every Christmas and having a big gathering with my aunts, uncles and cousins. There was always so much food and my grandparents would give each grandchild a candy bag at the end of each gathering.
My most memorable Christmas memory is when I was 12 and my Grandma and I were snowbound at the Denver airport 2days before Christmas day 😊
Jackie said…
When we were kids Santa Claus would come around on the fire truck a few days before Christmas. All the kids got lollipops. I loved the lollipop and would try to save it as long as I could...which wasnt long.
Glogirl said…
Another special Christmas memory was as a child participating in our church's Living Christmas Tree. We had a platform built on the stage in the form of a Christmas tree with people standing on the different tiers. I remember one year having a small singing part. I'm scared of heights now so I don't know how I managed being on one of the top tiers then!
Michelle J. said…
I loved our first Christmas as a married couple. We were poor but blissful.
Tomi Clark said…
Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas memories. Christmas is such a special time for us to reflect on the good. I pray your comments are helping others who may have forgotten the joy of this holiday. Let's keep spreading happy memories. Keep posting as each memory is another opportunity to win.
momo said…
Another great Christmas moment memory was when our silly shepherd dog Sarge knocked down our Christmas tree trying to get the candy canes off the tree.
Jackie said…
A favorite memory was waiting each year for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer to come on tv. The whole family would watch it together. We didnt have VCRs or DVDs back then, so if you missed it you had to wait another year.
Glogirl said…
A favourite memory is getting a Cabbage Patch doll as a gift at Christmas as a child. It was a coveted doll back in my day so receiving one as a gift was extra special!
momo said…
I can also remember another Christmas when my Mother was alive that she received five different poinsettia plants from different people that came to visit her before Christmas. The house looked so nice with all those flowers.
Joseph Wallace said…
My special memory was going to visit my father in the hospital as a child on christmas. It was a big deal because they normally didnt let kids in that area of the hospital. I hadn't seen him in a while. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com
Natalie said…
My special Christmas memory was my family dressing up in our pajamas and driving to the zoo to drive through their Christmas lights display. yarbr012 at gmail dot com
Natalie said…
I remember baking and decorating gingerbread houses with my family! We bought a ton of colorful candy decorations, but ended up eating most of them before they made it on the house! yarbr012 at gmail dot com
mrsshukra said…
Visiting my Mom and family at Christmas is always the best Christmas memory!
Pamk said…
Another favorite memory was when I was 18 my now husband gave me my first engagement ring.
Jackie said…
Another favorite memory was the year we all got new bikes for Christmas. Up to that point, we always had me down bikes.
Jessica said…
My favorite Christmas memory is the last Christmas with my husband and decorating the tree together.
reklaw422 at Hotmail dot com
Glogirl said…
A memory I have is finding the hiding place my mom had for our Christmas gifts. (It was under the bed). I opened a box for myself and found a white blouse. I tried it on and really didn't like it! On Christmas day, I had to act surprised when I opened this gift. Eventually it came out that I had found the gift, opened it and tried it on prior to Christmas. My mom ended up returning the blouse and let me pick out one I liked.
momo said…
I always loved being in the kitchen with my Mother around the holidays. We would bake cookies together for a few hours, the house smelled so good.
mrsshukra said…
Every Christmas we see our daughter is the best memory!
momo said…
I can remember one Christmas Eve back in the sixties where we got twelve inches of snow that night, the wind was really howling too.
mrsshukra said…
The last Christmas I got to spend with my sister before she passed away will always be special and memorable.

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