November 22, 2016

Let's Rekindle the Social in Social Media

A few weeks ago, a friend posted a politic viewpoint on her Facebook page.  Several commented, most of them agreeing with her, but there was one who replied who disagreed wholeheartedly.  She replied to my friend's post and later unfollowed her on Facebook.  This really hurt my friend's feelings and she drafted a post to express her hurt.  I watched as her timeline filled with exclamations of "OMG", "People can be so cruel", this, that and the other.  All the while thinking this is your FRIEND, a person you know in IRL and it's this deep.  Fa real, fa real.?!

I mean both of your are over 40 and a Facebook posts brought the end of your friendship.  OMG, is it really that deep?

The Nosey Me watched as the drama unfolded.  The Social Media Me thought of all the lack of social in social media - this technological advance touted as a means to keep us  connected has become, for some, a vehicle of separation.

These past few months have been so disheartening in terms of social media.  I have seen, heard and felt so much pain from other and not just in terms of the results of this past election.  In this world of likes, dislikes, shares and ♥♥ people are hurting.  The words are just words on a screen, but the pain is real. 

Let's bring the social back to social media. 

Let's talk it out, not post it out where words can be misconstrued. 

So I want to give a giant virtual hug to everyone.  One of those grandma hugs where she pats you on the back.  My pastor always says "It's okay to disagree" but we must in our response be respectful... be thoughtful... and above be kind to one another.



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