October 01, 2016

STOP the Presses: My Kid Said He Doesn't Want to Vote

Our youth group were putting on a skit to encourage adults to vote and I asked my kids to participate. All were willing, 'cept one. He said he didn't feel comfortable encouraging others to participate in this year's election because he didn't support any of the candidates.

Say what.?!

Here he stood, my kid, who granted isn't even old enough to vote, but steadfast in his belief. I didn't know whether to applaud him or freak out. "What do you mean not vote?" His comments made me wonder what would happen if other voters felt the same. Perish the thought.

It was then I channeled an old college professor who once told me "Doing nothing is a decision and therefore, there are repercussions."

I had to remind my child that I know this election seems to be a battle of the Lesser of Two Evils for some, but if you are a registered voter it is so important that you exercise your right to vote. Each vote is a voice and all voices deserve to be heard.

Three Boys and an Old Lady encourages you to do your research and cast your vote for the candidates you feel best represent your views. Don't focus solely on the upcoming presidential election, but remember to research local candidates. Check out https://vote.gov/ or https://www.rockthevote.com/ to learn more about the voting process.

Get Out and Vote and while you're at be sure to take your kids with you when you vote. 


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