October 07, 2016

Sign Up for Free Products with Daily Goodie Box

Here's the best Freebie Friday tip EVER!  Sign up for Daily Goodie Box.  

Daily Goodie Box is a sampling program where you simply sign up and receive full size samples of new products in exchange for sharing your thoughts.  

Each box is filled with unique products and coupons.  Gluten free.  Healthy snacks. Sugar free.  Daily Goodie Box offers you a taste of some really unique products you may overlooked at your local store.

Click here to check out our "unboxing" video preview and be sure to 
visit www.dailygoodiebox.com to snag a Daily Goodie Box of your own.

Here are just a few of the products in our Daily Goodie Box: 

Beanitos - Black Bean Chips  - YUMMY!  Paired great with the chicken salad I made with the samples of Hampton Creek- Just Mayo and the Q Drinks -  Q Ginger Beer.

Middle kid loved the Justin’s - Honey Peanut Butter + Banana Chips snack pack.  We picked more of these tasty snacks at our local Target store.  New snack crave fave.

Youngest son LOVES the Van Holten's Pickle Ice.  He just made the wrestling team and gave me an entire education on how his team offers pickle ice as  an alternative to sports drinks.  Did you know Van Holten's Pickle Ice can be served frozen or not?  

Helped cure Hubby's upset tummy with the Gutsy Products - Chewy Citrus Flavor.  

Tucked a couple of Navitas Natural Hemp Bars in my purse for a snack following my morning run.  Love, love, love these.  We received Navitas Naturals - Cacao Cranberry Bar and the extra tasty Navitas Naturals - Hemp Peanut Bar

Got a quick burst of energy courtesy of the Nootrobox - Chewable Coffee Cubes. Each cube equals 1/2 cup of coffee and they're pretty tasty.

I didn't get snap a pic of JJ’s Sweets - Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels.  There was a pack of 3 and I devoured one and was like "OMG".  I didn't want to share with the kids.  I wanted someone who would truly appreciate them to sample them with me.  Someone with a refined palate like my friend, Ra.  One taste and she was like "OMG" where did you get these.  She couldn't believe they were FREE!  Definitely ordering these.  Beyond delicious.

I haven't tried the Natralia - Anti-itch Soothing Cream but I promise to post a review once I do.

Our Daily Goodie Box was full of delicious products and what a great way to try new products and did I mention sign up is free?

Visit www.dailygoodiebox.com to snag a box for your family. Sign up today and let me know what you received in yours.

Disclosure:  I received a Daily Goodie Box in exchange for introducing Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers to Daily Goodie Box.  


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