October 26, 2016

Little Bobby Bones Raging Kidiots Boogie for the Kiddos

Have you listened to the radio lately while riding with your kids?  OMG, it's terrible.  One minute it's kid friendly and the next, ummmmm... notsomuch.  We gave up on radio during our morning commute years ago when Disney radio left our local station.  Switched over to satellite radio and it offered a few kid friendly choices BUT the kids get tired of listening to the same-o same-o.

There are some wonderful CDs out there for kids and I'm always up to sharing them as I hear of them.  This is one such CD. 

The latest to hit our radar is The Raging Kidiots:  KIDDY UP!  A delightful CD perfect for the kiddos.

Songs like "Potty Party", "Bad Manner Blues", and "Wash Your Hands" reinforce good manners and "People in America" and "Be Nice" remind us of the importance of being kind. 

The CD is a hit in the Three Boys and an Old Lady household and a welcome relief from the catchy lyrics and inappropriate lyrics which seem to flood our children's lives each and every day.  A very welcome relief.

Check out the video to one of our faves "Be Nice"

My country music loving cousin in Nashville turned me on to The Raging Idiots after seein them open at the Grand Old Opry.  They're funny but truth is Raging Idiots are a chart-topping duo based out of Nashville known for their satirical takes on some of today's most popular songs.  I'm glad to see this introduction to a new group of listeners.  This latest release is sure to be a hit with an entirely new crop of listeners.  The CD is perfect for the A.M. commute with the kiddos and even worth sharing with your child's teacher or daycare. 

Want more:

Visit Amazon or iTunes to purchase your downloadable CD today or sample these fun tunes.

Be sure to check out Bobby Jones on his radio show and catch Raging Idiots at a venue near you.

Disclosure:  I received a Raging Kidiots CD in exchange for this post and am happy to report our morning commute is full of even more song and laughter.


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