October 26, 2016

Learning to Soar Like an Eagle while Interacting Like a Parrot

Recently, my middle kid took a personality quiz as part of a leadership course and he was so excited to share the results of his DISC Personality Test with me.  You remember DISC personality quizzes don't you?

Many of us have taken them as part of a seminar, a work project or even a team building exercise.  DISC or Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliances personality tests are a great way to gain insight on oneself and how we interact with others.  There are several varieties and I've even seen them pop up on some of those social media quizzes.

After listening to my kid share his results, I reached for a book on the bookshelf that I had recently received for review titled "The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does."  We read through a couple of pages and he was really excited even wanting to share with his teacher.  The teacher loved the book saying "The Chameleon is an awesome tool to demonstrate personality types in a unique way." She highly recommends it for college students and I couldn't agree more adding the book would make a great gift for someone entering the workforce and a definite teambuilding resource.

The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does. Written by Merrick Rosenberg ­ co-author of Taking Flight!: Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships, Your Life - this engaging book explores the different DISC personalities in a fun, relatable and thought-provoking manner.

Laugh and learn through 22 entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your life story through the lens of the DISC styles. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, four unassuming birds play the roles of the DISC styles. This is pretty neat because most other DISC personality tests I've seen designate either a Type A, B, C, or D personality or some overlapping of the four.  Rosenberg's light-hearted approach is one that is truly relatable.  The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new heights of understanding yourself and others.

Check out this intro below:


Join a Dominant Eagle, Interactive Parrot, Supportive Dove, and Conscientious Owl on their enlightening journey of self-discovery as you learn to:

· Capitalize on your strengths

· Deepen your most important relationships and gain valuable insights into the role of parent and spouse

· Boost your career

· Live a more fulfilling life

Let the wisdom of The Chameleon and the power of the DISC styles enable you to effortlessly adapt to the people and situations around you.

Buy ItThe Chameleon is available wherever books are sold including Amazon.

About the book:

In The Chameleon, Merrick Rosenberg teaches powerful lessons about the most interesting topic of all - you! The Chameleon contains 22 fables based on the DISC styles represented as the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl he introduced in Taking Flight!. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, the characters gain meaningful insights into understanding themselves and others.

The Introduction fable provides an overview of the four DISC styles. The next 20 fables follow the birds through a one-year period with five fables set in each season. Each of these fables includes a Chameleon Wisdom section that expands on the fable's lessons and provides practical applications and scenarios for living the story's moral in one's life. These deeper insights include examples of how to employ the DISC styles to increase effectiveness at work, deepen personal relationships, parent with compassion, and generally, live a more fulfilling life. The Chameleon teaches skills for understanding others, capitalizing on personal strengths, cultivating joy, and achieving success.

The Epilogue fable pulls together the insights about the four DISC styles and sets the stage for more stories about the beloved characters.


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