August 24, 2016

Lunching at Soul Fish Cafe'

I get excited whenever a new restaurant opens up, especially when it's within walking distance from my job. A few weeks ago Soul Fish Café, a chain restaurant based out of Memphis opened and I have been eyeing the place waiting for the initial "new restaurant" hype to die down before dining there.

Today it happened. My Dining Divas asked what's for lunch and I suggested Soul Fish Café. My suggestion was surprising since fish isn't my thing and the menu is filled with fish options. I know hard to imagine a place named Soul Fish specializing in, well, fish. *side eye/snark*

I googled the menu and my eyes locked on the Po Boys. I'm a sucka for a good po boy sandwich.  The crispy crunch of the soft bread, shredded lettuce, tomato and mere simplicity of the sandwich are why po boys are one of my favorite sandwiches. 

Soul Fish Café offered a wide variety of po boys including the classic catfish, shrimp, chicken, crawfish and even a few unexpected selections of pork tenderloin and ground beef. Plus you have your choice of grilled, blackened or fried.  Each of the po boys comes with your choice of one of 19 sides. Yes, 19 different sides to choose from and every one of them sounded delicious.

The Dining Divas (D.D. 1, D.D. 2 and myself) walked in and noticed outdoor seating was available. This Dining Diva wanted to dine outside but it was nearly 95⁰ and I was outvoted so indoor seating it was.  The interior decor was simple with a wall of booths decorated with a bright, neon sign, the open kitchen on another and a wall of chrome fish on the other

The menu was a simple 1 page, front and back, legal-sized laminated piece of paper. Didn't look like much but again, there were 19 different sides to choose from.

D.D. 1 ordered the Catfish Po Boy with a side of Cajun Cabbage. Zetta, our delightful server, asked if she wanted fried, grilled or blackened catfish. Whoa.?! Decisions. Decisions. D.D. 1 settled on the fried catfish.

D.D. 2, the Southern Chica, opted for the 3-piece Catfish Basket which comes with French fries, hush puppies and coleslaw and asked Zetta if she could switch the coleslaw with Cajun Cabbage. Ummmm… no D.D. 1 ordered the Cajun Cabbage so she had to choose another side. Decisions. Decisions. She FINALLY settled on the mac 'n cheese.

The mac 'n cheese deserves an award.  The macaroni was firm and the cheese sauce was thick and covered every single piece of pasta.  BEST mac 'n cheese ever!  Rich and creamy, buttery and cheesy and oh so good.   

Moi, I was torn between the Memphis Po Boy and the Cuban Po Boy so I asked Zetta for her recommendation and she suggested the Memphis Po Boy. EXCELLENT CHOICE.

Tender thinly sliced pieces of smoked pork tenderloin, coleslaw drizzled with barbecue sauce topped with two slices of thick cut bacon on a crispy, crusty roll. Pure deliciousness.  Oh, and a side.  I opted for a baked sweet potato.  Yeah, I know a po boy and a sweet potato sound questionable but the sweetness of the potato paired perfectly with the smoky pork and the tangy sweetness of the barbecue sauce.  Yummy!!!

DESSERT... why yes indeedy graffiti.   I ate half my sandwich anticipating the caramel cake which should be renamed to HEAVEN!  I don't know who bakes these cakes but hunty they are good.  

I had to take a side pic because D.D. 1 and I dug into the cake the moment it arrived. If you look closely you can spot butter.  Yes BUTTER.  The Soul Fish Cafe caramel cake was light and buttery and the caramel icing was thick and creamy and my eyes teared up when we got to the very last bite longing for another slice.  

We are already making plans for our next visit to Soul Fish Cafe as we can't wait to sample the other 15 side items and the grilled and blackened fish and seafood options... and the lemon pie and the caramel pecan pie and the...


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