August 23, 2016

Blue Hole: One Rockin' FREE Family Vacation Destination

One of my besties and I decided take the teens with us to BlogHer.  My youngest, fresh off his Good Morning America appearance, his best friend since kindergarten and my niece were in for one heckuva memorable road trip!

Bestie and I booked a room in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I planned a day of activities in Old Town but after tuning to a show on the Travel Channel and this spot called Blue Hole caught my attention.  

Blue Hole was about 1.5 hr. drive from Albuquerque and since it was on our way we had to check it out.

There was only one car in the parking lot when we arrived but there were no hours posted so we parked.  Tip:  Admission is free if you arrive before the parking attendant.  Otherwise, it's just $5.  A very oh so worth it $5 might I add.  

We saw a couple and turns out they were locals who said they swim here several times a week.  When asked if the water was cold, they cautioned "at first, but once you get used to it, the water's fine."  

I asked if I could snap a pic and she obliged.

The kids quickly changed into their swimming suits.  I on the other hand hesitated.  I sat there soaking in the beauty of the scenery around me.  Then I heard a splash and one of the kids jumped in the water.  

Then I looked up and both my son and his best friend were in the water.

After a long swim back to the water's edge, my kid asked what the big red and blue floating balls were.  

Well, this fab mom did her research on Blue Hole prior to our visit and learned it is a popular dive training spot.  We met a couple of divers from Texas who took some time to show off their equipment and explain the basics of diving to the kids.

As the day passed, more and more visitors, mostly locals, came for a dip in the waters of Blue Hole and the water remained a cool 61 degrees.  Oh, I forgot to mention a spring feeds Blue Hole and keeps the waters at at or around 61 degrees year round.
Pic courtesy of Curt Bowen
Blue Hole is just a few minutes off of I-40 / Historic Route 66 and it is worth a visit.  If you are ever near Santa Rosa, New Mexico, stop by, dive in and cool off.

For more info on Blue Hole, visit


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