June 03, 2016

NIrV, Kids' Quest Study Bible Answers Over 500 Questions About the Bible

I remember when my daughter's guinea pig passed away.  She was so distraught.  Her beloved guinea pig was the first loss she ever experienced and it really hit her hard.  She was full of questions.  Questions Hubby and I didn't have the answers to.  

Will he go to Heaven?  Why didn't he take his body with him?  Can't you just breathe into him like you told me God breathed into Adam?  Kids have so many questions.  Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS have the answers... right? 

NIrV, Kids' Quest Study Bible, answers over 500 Questions about the Bible.  Kids have LOTS of questions about the Bible and God. The NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible is a great resource for kids eager to learn more.

 It's amazing how many questions their inquisitive minds can come up with.  As parents we are confronted with so many who, what, when, why and where questions from our kids. Well, this study Bible has proven to be an excellent resource for our kids and is one of their favorite Bibles.

Some of the features of the NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible include: 
  • Over 500 questions and answers for kids 
  • Book introductions help explain what each book of the Bible is about 
  • A dictionary and subject guide help kids find what they’re looking for 
  • Fresh, colorful design makes the Bible fun to look at and use 
  • The complete NIrV translation, the steppingstone to the NIV!

Isn’t it exciting to discover the world, ask how things work, and learn about God and the Bible? With a bright, colorful design, reading and using the Bible is fun.

NIrV Kids’ Quest Study Bible is available at bookstores nationwide or you may purchase your copy by visiting 

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