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Great Gifts for Her FIRST Mother's Day

If your daughter or wife is celebrating their very first Mother's Day, be sure to make their day extra special.

I remember my first Mother's Day with the twins and OMG I was in tears the entire day just looking at my precious babies in disbelief that I was FINALLY a mom.  That first Mother's Day can be super emotional so prepare for waterworks.  There will Mother's Day full of homemade gifts from school but the first Mother's Day is unlike any other.  

Here a few gifts new moms are sure to appreciate that won't break the bank.

A CleanER House
Nothing like a housekeeper.  Seriously one of the greatest gifts I ever gifted myself was the gift of a clean house courtesy of our housekeeper.  Gift mom with a gift card from a local housecleaning service like Merry Maids.

A CleanER Diaper Bag/Purse/Backpack/CarryallIsn't it funny how the diaper bag starts out as all things baby and slowly migrates to all things.  I would've been a great candidate on "Let's Make a Deal" as my diaper bag was a haven for everything... and I mean everything.  8 oz. bottles, 4. oz bottles, spoons, jars of baby food, boxes of baby cereal, bibs, diapers, wipes, cream, lotions, pacifiers, extra nipples for the bottles, at least 4 in a sandwich ziplock bag, my i.d., a credit card or two  and some spare change.  Whew... thatsa lotsa stuff.  Then on top of that it never failed when we would go somewhere I would cringe at the thought of putting my precious diaper bag on the floor.  Nope, not gon' happen.

Solution:  Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger.  Let me preface this by saying the Clipa is a "handbag" hanger it's a fab diaper bag hanger as well.  Clipa keeps my diaper bag off the floor.  We clip it on the headrest to keep the diaper bag within reach when traveling in the car.  Clipa is a great tool for snapping on those portable diaper changing stations when you and baby are on the go.  Plus it can be worn as a bracelet or leave your Clipa on the strap of your diaper bag or purse.  

A CleanER Meal
Forego a dinner at a crowded restaurant this Mother's Day and treat Mom to a delicious, home-cooked meal with fresh veggies, chicken, shrimp or fish and some fresh fruit for dessert.  Saute' some fresh broccoli with chicken, shrimp or fish using a healthier spread option like Earth Balance buttery, coconut or avocado spreads instead of butter or margarine.  

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