April 04, 2016

4 Tips to Make It Through Your Workout

Remember last month when you were so amped about starting a new exercise program because you were "committed" to exercising more in 2016?  Well, here we are 4 months later, how you doin' (in my Rasputia voice)?

Me?  Well, I've lost 5.3 lbs. since January 1.  I know it's not much but it's a start.  I am really making a conscious effort to get healthier this year.  My friend, Raven, has really been instrumental in keeping me motivated.  She recently completed the Little Rock Marathon's 5k and turned around the very next day and ran the half marathon.  

Here's a pic of her draped in medals for the 5k, 1/2 marathon and Inaugural runners.


Go Raven!!!  Woot-woot!!! *fist pump*

Raven has been running marathons for a few years now and recently became a Zumba instructor.  She is a fit life advocate and always there to encourage me in my weight loss journey.

If you find yourself struggling to make it through your workout, here are some tips courtesy of Raven sure to help you keep you going til the very end.

1.  Pace Yourself

        Have you ever found yourself short of breath mid-workout?  Oftentimes, people are eager to start but their get up and go begins to wane.  During the 5k there was a newbie runner and he was struggling towards the end of the race.  He got off to a great start but his energy drained quickly as he failed to pace himself.  "Pace YOUrself.  You may need to start a little slower than others and that's okay.  No one knows YOUR body better than YOU."

2.  Stay Hydrated
       Your body loses precious fluids throughout the day.  It is important to replace those fluids.  Raven drinks about a gallon of water throughout the day and reminds us "Water should be your first choice. If not, then try to limit sodas and cut back on sugary drinks.  Your kidneys will thank you for this."

3.  Warm Up
       Never start working out without some type of warm up routine.  Warming up gradually increases blood flow to your muscles by slowly increasing your heart rate.  Experts say warming up helps lessen possibility of cramping. Raven begins each Zumba workout with a warm up routine and slowly increases to the workout finishing each workout with a cool down routine to return the heart to a slower pace.

4.  Wear Proper Attire
      Before you spend hundreds of dollars on your fitness wardrobe, take the time to do it right.  Buy comfortable shoes that fit.  You don't want to develop corns and blisters as a result of wearing shoes that don't fit.  Be sure to try on shoes with socks.  Socks also help minimize foot odor.

      Be sure to buy gear that fits.  Fitness gear is definitely not something you want to buy a size too small.  It's uncomfortable for starters and secondly, who wants to interrupt their workout tugging and adjusting their gear?  Try on your workout gear to make sure it gives you the freedom to move as needed during your workout.  Truth is if you FEEL you look good, you will FEEL better.

 Workout gear doesn't have to be boring and blah.  Wake up your workout fashion palette with bright colors and bold designs.  "I love the fashions of Zumba.  The leggings have crazy, feel good patterns and everyone can wear leggings."  Everyone? "YES EVERYONE!  Raven's Buskin Leggings are a breathable, stretchy blend of Spandex and polyester and my leggings are both stylish and comfortable.  

To celebrate the launch of her online store.  Raven is giving away a pair of Buskins leggings to one lucky Three Boys and an Old Lady blog reader.

* * * G I V E A W A Y * * *

Disclosure: Many thanks to Raven for sponsoring this giveaway. I received nothing in return for this post.


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