March 10, 2016

Weight... It's More Than Just a Number

Confession:  I don't regularly watch The Talk.  However, I caught a blurb about some ladies from the show - Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood - agreeing to post nude selfies ala Kim K.

Sharon, being the bold diva she is, proudly posted her pic.  Sheryl, on the other hand didn't.  The following day she teared up saying "While I am not ashamed of my body in any way and while I love my brown skin to death. I hope that one day those pictures can come out for me as an individual woman who loves my curves and loves who I am. I thank Kim Kardashian for doing something so big that SHE may not even understand the discussion that she has truly started. But, I also have a responsibility to young women all over this country that may misunderstand me showing my body as some sexualized exercise in commerce and not empowering me to be 185 pounds and voluptuous and dark skinned and sexy and desirable. The reason I'm about to cry is because, I fought hard to get here, but now I make choices for not just for myself, but for my race, for my people and for women. I want to be able to show that there is another standard of beauty.

Way to go Sheryl!  

  I understand Sheryl's sentiments as I am not ashamed of my body all ___ lbs. of it, but everyday, every single day I wake up, I am reminded I am a fat, Black chick and you know what, I'm not okay with that!   It is a struggle.  I didn't just gain all this weight, my weight struggle began while trying to conceive.  I struggled with fertility for nearly a decade and finally hubby and I conceived twins and the following year we were blessed with an additional child.  Long story, short version, I NEVER lost the weight and now, here we are some years later and I'm FAT!

I am taking strides to a healthier me and the journey isn't easy.  I lost a total of .80% last month and although it may not seem like much it means so much to me.  This is the motivation I needed to do the work I need to do for a healthier me.  Now, I'm not posting a Kim K but I would like to share a pic of little ol' me with you, my blog family and invite you to watch out for fabulous posts throughout my journey!

Look out world, you thought I was a diva last week, oh baby, you just wait and see what the future holds for this Dynamic Diva.


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