March 27, 2016

New Music Tuesday: “This IS What The Truth Feels Like” by Gwen Stefani

Guess who's No. 1 on the Billboard charts this week?

Gwen Stefani, that's who.  

This IS What the Truth Feels Like is Stefani's first solo project to hit No. 1 on Billboard!
Way to go Gwen!

The 12 track CD (16 tracks on Target exclusive) are sure to keep your rocking!  Stefani could have titled the CD "This is what LOVE looks like" because every single track reminds us she is in a happy place.  You go Gwen!

Gwen has been in the public eye for years now.  Remember her as the rockin' chick in No Doubt or her solo days with the Harajuku backup dancers?  Loved her then, love her now!  She epitomizes strength and beauty in all of her tunes.  Then there's her much publicized break up with former hubby, Galvin Rossdale, which she sings about in the aptly titled track "Used to Love You".  

Gwen sings "Never thought this would happen, Gonna let it sink in, you're gone
I don't know, know what I'm feeling, I must be dreaming, you're gone

Grab the tissues because this is the heartbreak track.  

Again, Gwen's relationships have been on blast this year with the divorce and then the new found love with fellow "The Voice" judge and castmate, Blake Shelton.  Clearly, Gwen has found her happy place and tracks like "Make Me Like You" pay homage to the new love in her life.

Check out the glamorous video for "Make Me Like You".

Search #ThisIsWhatTruthFeelsLike and check out more reviews of Gwen Stefani's latest.

Track Listing
   1. Misery
   2. You’re My Favorite
   3. Where Would I Be
   4. Make Me Like You
   5. Truth
   6. Used To Love You
   7. Send Me A Picture
   8. Red Flag
   9. Asking For It
 10. Naughty
 11. Me Without You
 12. Rare

Buy It

Purchase your copy today on iTunes or Gwen Stefani website or Target.  
Target exclusive includes 4 bonus tracks:
     1. Rocket Ship (Target Exclusive)
     2. Getting Warmer (Target Exclusive)
     3. Obsessed (Target Exclusive)
     4. Splash (Target Exclusive

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