March 17, 2016

Encourage Yourself... Encourage Others #LoveAndBlessed

When's the last time you had a good cry?  I mean a real tears streaming down your cheeks, makeup ruined, snot-dripping, cry.  

Me?  Well, it was a couple of weeks ago.  Hubby had to have surgery.  Hubby and I have been married for almost 20 years.  He is one of the most amazing people I have met.  He's honest.  He's a wonderful father and husband and although the surgery was "outpatient", the last time he had outpatient surgery, he ended up in the hospital for nearly a week.  

I put on a brave at all of his doctor's appointments but just before the nurses wheeled him off to surgery, we held hands and said a prayer and off he went.  The moment he was out of my sight, I walked to my car and just sat there, all alone, just wailing. 

No kids.

     No hubby.

          No Mom.

Just me... all alone... and it was the lowest feeling ever.

I always tell others "You can't pray AND worry.  You gotta do one or the other and I choose to pray".  Yet here I was doubting the very words I say over and over.  My sobfest was interrupted by my phone vibrating in my purse and when I reached in to get it, I stumbled upon a prayer journal I'd received in my loved+blessed® subscription box.  I answered the phone, fumbled for a pen and jotted my prayer request in my journal.  

Something about writing my prayer request in the journal was comforting.  I love receiving loved+blessed® subscription boxes.  They're not other subscription boxes, loved+blessed® subscription box is a cause box and each month they send a box of uplifting themed products to encourage, little reminders that everything will be okay.  The boxes are nice to share with others who need a little encouraging also.
My box contained a min poster, a sticker, a scripture card, a bracelet, mirror and a prayer journal.  The prayer journal was the gift I needed when I was at my low but I've gifted the other items to several of my friends who have been going through a few things lately.

Gifted the mini poster and sticker to my best friend who recently entered the dating scene.  She went through a really tough divorce and is just now realizing how beautiful she really is.  I wanted to remind her she doesn't need anyone to tell her she's beautiful except herself.  

I gifted the bracelet to another friend whose has been in and out of the hospital these last few weeks.  She had breast cancer and it came back.  She's been so weak from these recent rounds of chemo that sometimes it's hard for her to speak.  The bracelet simply says "loved and blessed" which is so funny because whenever you ask her how she's doing, her response is always "Blessed".  She said she wears the bracelet and when someone asked her how she was doing and she's too tired to speak, she just points to the word "Blessed" on her bracelet.   

I keep a few items from my loved+blessed® subscription box items in my purse.  It's nice to share a word of hope and encouragement with others.  Funny thing, it always seems to lift the giver's spirit as well.  When I gift, I always tell them about the loved+blessed® subscription box but I also tell the person I gift to re-gift the item to someone in need just as I gifted to them in their time of need.    I love their Instagram name PassHopeOn (Pass Hope On).  Yeah, giving is a good thing.

To learn more about loved+blessed® subscription box, visit their website and check them out on social media.

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