March 31, 2016

Create Your Own Lego Movie Using a Cell Phone

Looking for something to do with all those Legos in your kids' toybox?  
Do your kids love Lego movies? 

My kids are huge fans of the stop action video craze and recently learned how to create their own Lego movie using Legos, a cell phone and a computer.
Duplo Circus Set

Creating a Lego movie is fun, a little tedious, but a lot of fun. The most tedious part is moving the characters a teeny, weeny bit at a time but the end result makes it all worth it.  You can create a circus movie or a Minecraft or Star Wars movie using themed Lego sets.

To begin, you will need:

1. Legos as actors and props
2. Phone to take pictures with
3 A laptop or desktop computer with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to create the movie

Now you’re ready to begin.

Position your Legos and snap your first pic. Next, reposition the Lego just a tad and snap another pic. You can move the Lego about a ½” or so per pic to give the image of walking. Take a lot of pictures, you’ll need them to get the best results.

Once you’ve finished taking pics, import them into Windows Movie Maker or iMovie and tada, you’ve created your first Lego Movie.

Try various Lego sets and be sure to check out, a toy rental service featuring a over 400 varieties of Lego sets for all ages for your Lego movie and be sure to leave a comment sharing your kid's Lego movie creation and I'll share with the rest of the Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers.

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