January 23, 2016

Just My Thoughts 01.22.2016

Last weekend, I was feeling a little nostalgic and decided to look up a childhood friend.  I was unable to find him via the popular social networks but lucked up on his name, address and phone number during a random search on Google.  Funny, I wasn't reluctant to call as I had this gut feeling this was indeed my dear friend, Jon, from Capitol Avenue.

I anxiously dialed the number and a voice answered.  A sweet, consoling voice on the other end answered with "Hello".  *gulp* Now... now my nerves set in.  It wasn't Jon but perhaps his wife and now I have some explaining to do.  Some strange woman calling my husband.  "Lord", I prayed silently, "please don't let her be the insecure type."  "Hello, is Jon available".

"No", she replied.

"I know this sounds weird but I'm a childhood friend of his.  We were neighbors and I'm not sure if this is 'my' Jon but is he from Indianapolis?"

"Yes, he is", she answered.

"Could you please tell him I phoned.  I was just thinking of him and wanted to say 'hi'.  It's been years since we last spoke and he was on my heart."

"Sure.  Sure, I will."

A few hours later my phone rang.  I had saved the number to my contacts list so it displayed his name.  With kids in the car I answered "Hello Jon".

Funny thing we knew each other's voice immediately.  I knew in my heart, this was "my Jon".  He knew it was me.  We laughed and since I was driving I kept the conversation brief but asked him to call me back in a few minutes.

Hours passed.  In haste, I phoned his house again and the kind voice answered telling me he would be home later but she would make sure to tell him I called.  I thanked her and hung up anticipating his return call.

The next day, my phone rang.  It was him.  We talked about the years that passed.  Our families and lives since then.  Then the topic changed to the weather and I knew it was time to let go as we'd exhausted our catching up.  As I hung up, the 13-year old girl from Indianapolis, Indiana greeted the woman I've become and a tear streamed down my face longing for a chance to return to those days of old spent hanging out with Jon, Donna and Karen.

Life's funny that way, isn't it?


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