January 22, 2016

5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Devotional for Kids

A reader responded to one of my reviews of a daily devotional asking if I could recommend any good devotionals for younger readers. I’m happy to oblige as there are so many wonderful devotionals for younger readers.

I love daily devotionals.  Devotionals are a great way to encourage children to read daily. Whether you choose a devotional beginning with “Day 1” or “January 1”, you have 365 days of reading material. #LearningWinning

With so many devotionals to choose from it can be difficult narrowing it down to the “perfect” one for your child so here are 5 tips to help find the right devotional for your little one.

  1. Choose a devotional that fits your child’s interests. With so many types of daily devotionals to choose from, it’s important to find one that fits your child’s interests. If your child likes rainbows, check out devotionals featuring rainbows throughout. If your child like cars, look for a devotional with cars on the cover. Readers are often drawn to the artwork featured on the cover of a devotional. If you can, let your child choose a devotional of their very own. Kids love choosing their own books and doing so fosters a desire to read more.
  2. Choose a translation that fits your child‘s reading level. If your child is able to read, encourage the child to read the devotional aloud. Reading aloud helps increase vocabulary and develops contextual reading skills. Be sure to check out various translations to find one that’s right for your kid. I like the ICV (International Children’s Bible) and Amplified Bible translations. These translations are easy to read and understand. Author Sarah Young using the Amplified Bible translation in her Jesus Today Devotions for Kids book. Jesus Today Devotions for Kids is targeted for readers ages 6-10 and uses small words to help children understand big concepts. Make this a family activity by inviting everyone in the family to take part in the daily reading.
  3. Establish a routine. Schedule a time to read the daily devotion with your child and stick to it as often as you can. Incorporate the daily devotional reading into your family’s daily routine. Start your morning with breakfast, prayer and a devotional reading. Or end the school day with a snack, prayer and a devotional reading. Better yet, ward off bad dreams with a devotional before your child falls asleep.
  4. Read a couple of pages and discuss the reading with your child. Most devotionals feature a scripture coupled with a 2-3 paragraph reflection to amplify the scriptural reference. When choosing a devotional for kids, read a couple of pages with your child and then ask them what they thought of the reading. Day 136 of Jesus Today Devotions for Kids was titled Choosing What to Do. The devotion for that day was very apropos for us as we were signing up for Spring activities and couldn’t decide on soccer, tee-ball or tennis. The devotion for that day was very inspirational encouraging us to “say a prayer” and the Lord will guide us to the right choice.
  5. Share the devotional with others. Encourage your child to bring their devotional to worship services to share with others. Our youth Sunday School teacher enjoys sharing the Little Old Lady’s daily devotional readings with the Sunday School Class.
Here are a few of our favorite devotionals for children *not ranked in any particular order*
  • Jesus Today Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young. I love this one because I was a fan of Young’s Jesus Calling and Jesus Today books. Young has mastered daily devotionals and her writings are thoughtful meditations which draw us nearer.  Check out this YouTube video on this fab read:
  • Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young. Another Sarah Young devotional. This is one of her earlier books and an awesome choice for new readers.
  • 365 Devotions for Girls by B and H Kids is features quick 3-5 minute readings on topics relative to girls ages 6 to 10. The devotional ties scripture into those common issues our daughters face daily.
  • 365 Devotions for Boys by B and H Kids is the boys’ version of 365 Devotions for Girls and focuses on topics affecting our sons. Both books are easy to read and relevant to issues our children face.
  • Bible Devotions for Bedtime by Daniel Partner. This is the follow up to Partner’s 365 Read Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories and a favorite in the Three Boys and an Old Lady household.


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