December 16, 2015

Sharing God's Shimmering Light with the Frost Bible

Book Description
Beautiful 'Frost' design in a Bible kids can read and understand.

What little girl who has seen the incredibly popular animated wintery movie doesn't want to be transported to a fabulous crystal ice palace? The beauty of shimmering snowflake scenes is captured in our newest Bible design for little girls (and big girls too!). The cover is a sparkling blue hardcover frosted with holographic foil and beautiful frosty design elements. The interior is the full International Children's Bible®, the first translation created especially for kids. Inside are 24 pages of full-color Bible study helps that encourage girls to be loving, strong, caring, forgiving, helpful, adventurous, loyal, faithful, and most of all, beautiful young girls growing in God's shimmering light!

Our Thoughts
The Little Old Lady is still in love with that *ahem* movie featuring the *cough-cough* two sisters who live in a really *cough* cold region.  Oh, you know the movie.  Well, the moment this Bible arrived there was no stopping her from digging in.  The Frost Bible features a beautifully crafted cover and the ICB.  ICB, International Children's Bible translation, a version introduced in the 1980's designed to help children better understand the Bible.

There are so many wonderful features in this Bible.  However, my favorite is the concordance.  The concordance makes finding key Bible verses and stories easy to find.  The Frost Bible is clearly marketed around that certain movie whose name I won't say and that may present a problem for some.  As for the Three Boys and an Old Lady household, it isn't what's on the outside but that which is written on the inside that's most important.

Overall, if your little one likes that movie, this would be an ideal gift. 

Buy It
The Frost Bible may be found wherever Thomas Nelson books are sold including, Amazon and Target and retails for about $20.

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