November 29, 2015

Adding The Snoopy Treasures to Our Family Holiday Tradition

A few months ago, the three boys and the old lady attended a special Peanuts exhibit at a local library.  It was amazing sharing this experience with my children as I grew up watching the Peanuts holiday specials on tv and reading Charles Scholz's Peanuts comics in the daily newspaper.  One of my fave characters is the beloved Snoopy. Attention Peanuts lovers, The Snoopy Treasures is an entire book dedicated to all things Snoopy!

Although it's not the "great American novel" written atop his doghouse, this book is pure Snoopy. The heart of the long-running, beloved comic strip Peanuts, Snoopy is an instantly recognizable character around the world. The pages in this comprehensive volume cover Snoopy's inspiration, first appearances, and his evolution into the lovable character from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm we're familiar with today. Get the scoop on his relationships with his best friend, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang. Snoopy fans will treasure the collection of removable memorabilia and fun illustrations from the Schulz museum while enjoying the extensive knowledge of Nat Gertler, an expert on the subject of Peanuts. Fling yourself into this book and join in the happy dance!

Author Nat Gertler is a Peanuts fan and it shows in this, his latest creation, and in the many other Peanuts-themed books he's penned over the past few years.  The Snoopy Treasures would make an excellent gift and is perfect for a coffee table book as c'mon who doesn't remember Peanuts.  Each page is nostalgic and sure to lift spirits.

Personally, I think of my 80+ year old mother-in-law who phones the grandkids to let them know when a Charlie Brown special airs on tv.  It's something she's done for years and there are few things I treasure more than seeing my kids sitting down with grandma watching and laughing aloud to the antics of a family favorite.  These are things I treasure and I imagine, there'll soon come a day when I too will pick up the phone and call my grandkids to remind them when the Charlie Brown specials air.  When you think of it, that's how traditions start.  That one random act that stays with the family for generations and who would've ever imagined a floppy eared beagle drawn to life so many lifetimes ago would keep a family close?  Who would've known...

Buy It:  The Snoopy Treasures is available wherever books are sold including Target, Becker Mayer and Amazon to name a few.

Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher for the opportunity to review this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. The thoughts expressed above are mine. Visit for the complete Disclosure Policy of Three Boys and an Old Lady blog.


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