July 12, 2015

5 Quick Tips to Burst Your Energy

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with my kids' busy schedules.  You'd think Summer Break would bring some reprieve, but it's quite the opposite.  Funny thing is during the school year my youngest was the last one to wake but now that Summer's here, he's often up and at 'em way before me.  Go figure.

Busy days at the office often leave me feeling exhausted when I come home.  The kids are on Summer break, I'm not.  I've got to go to work but I still want to spend quality time with my kids when I get home from work so rather than forego some of our favorite Summer activities, I've found a few ways to give me some quick energy boosts.

  1. Lunchtime Walks.  Get up and away from your desk and go outside.  Just a brief 3-5 minute walk a couple of times throughout your workday can make a difference.  I'm cooped up in an office for nearly 9 hours and I can't always go outside but I make a point to get up and go outside a couple of times throughout the day.  Your body will appreciate the Vitamin D and your mind will appreciate the change of atmosphere.
  2. Change Your Snack.  The Vending Machine Revolution hasn't made it to my office yet.  Our office vending machine is full of empty calorie laden, unhealthy snacks.  Save your change and stop by your local farmer's market during lunch to pick up some healthier snack options.  There are plenty of Summer fruit options and the natural sugars will give your body a boost without the crash of those vending machine choices.  Oh, you can also save those quarters for a visit to the local arcade with the kiddos.
  3. Pack Your Lunch.  Thanks to online delivery services my lunch options have greatly increased.  I can order from practically all of my favorite restaurants and even snag an online coupon for free delivery.  Yea though I love the convenience, I loathe the afternoon laziness that accompanies it.  Reality is this money-savin' mama will pay $15 for the lunchtime portion of Chicken Marsala with Naan but I turn my nose up at the $10 healthier green salad with light vinaigrette saying "I'm not paying $10 for a salad".  Save your money and pack your lunch.  Packing your lunch allows you to portion your serving size and save your money for a fab Summer weekend getaway.  One week of packed lunches could equal a full tank of gas.
  4. The Power of Mint.  Ever wonder why mint-flavored gums and mints are the highest selling flavors of gum and mint? Mint offers a proven bursts of energy and not to mention fresh breath.  When I had braces my orthodontist recommended I chew sugarless gum to stimulate healthy saliva and mint flavors were my gum of choice.  Even though I don't wear braces any longer, I still keep sugarfree gum or mints with me.  Recently I was introduced to PUR Mints. I've been a fan of PUR gum for a while because they're sugar free, aspartame free, contain simple ingredients, and my orthodontist approved.  PUR Mints are also non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, nut and soy-free, and they don't spike sugar levels so they're perfect for persons with Diabetes.  PUR has added a mints to their product line available in the traditional Peppermint and Spearmint, but the new lineup also includes a cool Polar Mint and a delightful tasting Mojito Lime Mint.     
  5. Hydrate Thyself.  With temps soaring to record highs, hydration is a must.  Are you really drinking enough water?  Forego the sweet tea and soda during lunch with the girls and opt for water instead.  Tap or bottled, your choice.  Not a huge fan of water?  Believe me I understand, plain water bores me and I admit I don't drink enough water but over the years I've learned a few tips which have helped me increase my daily intake.  First of all, perk up your water by adding a slice of mint or a couple slices of cucumber or fresh fruit or even drop in a peppermint into your glass of water.  My new recent fave is dropping a PUR Mints Tangerine Tango mint into an ice cold glass of water.  It adds a zing to my water and it's a 0 calorie burst of energy.
So there you have it, 5 little tips to burst your energy.  What are some of your favorite energy bursters?  Let me know, leave a comment below.


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