May 30, 2015

5 Things to Do with Those Fab Cell Phone Pics

I was thumbing through a tattered photo album my mom gave me years ago and came across some old Polaroid and Kodachrome pictures.  Remember dropping film off at the local store and then picking up prints a week later?  OMG!  We've come a long way when it comes to pictures people.  

Nowadays when it's time to capture that magic moment, everyone whips out a cell phone. Many of us have mastered cell phone photography to the point where our cell pics are better than some of the pics we take with our high-priced DSLR cameras.  

I am a master when it comes to bringing my cell phone pics to life.  Whether it's our yearly family Christmas card, personalized birthday invites for the kiddos. Oh, don't get me started on the personalized Mother's Day and Father's Day cards I've designed featuring cell phone pics of my kids' artwork.  There are so many ways to create once in a lifetime cards for those once in a lifetime events so when a friend mailed a Save the Date card for her daughter's upcoming wedding I was shocked there was no picture of this gorgeous couple.  Her daughter is always uploading these fab pics to Facebook and you send a card sans pic.  *smacks forehead*

Here are 5 of my fave things to do 
with those fab cell phone pics

1. Save the Date Cards
A lot of couples use Save the Date cards to announce their upcoming wedding.  I think Save the Date cards are perfect for celebrating any special occasion. I'd love to create a Save the Date card when my kids graduate high school with pictures of them from their preschool graduation alongside their senior picture.  That would definitely be an adorable, out of the norm graduation invitation don't you agree?

2.  Party Invitations
Los Tres Amigos have Summer birthdays and to make sure all of their friends mark the party on their calendars, they hand out party invites during the last week of school.  We have created some fun party invites using pics they've taken throughout the year.  I used to print them myself but when you factor in the cost of the stationery, printer ink and usage, it's so much more cost effective to simply order the invitations online.  The quality of the paper is often much better than that of those DIY party invitations kits and there's a greater selection of graphics and designs to choose from. 

3.  T-shirts
A few years ago, I uploaded some of my kid's drawings and created a one of a kind t-shirt for him.  He STILL wears that t-shirt.  It's one of his favorites and it's always a conversation piece among his friends.  I've had several parents ask me where I bought the shirt and when I tell them I snapped a pic of my kid's artwork using my cell phone AND created the shirt using my cell phone they're shocked.  Easy breezy wearable art!

4.  Create Art
Came across this wall art print on  Isn't it neat?  The prints are available in 6 sizes ranging from 8" x 8" to a whopping 44" x 44" and 11 frame styles to choose from.  I think this would make a great gift for a college student attending school out of state.  Just upload a few of your fave cell phone pics into a print of the state where your kid is going to college.  LOVE IT!!! 

I played around with this one a bit and created a picture for my friend's daughter who recently scored her first bit in nationally syndicated television drama.  I had a few pics of her and my kids that I'd taken over the years and uploaded them into a pic of her new home state of California.  I may have to order this one.  It's way too cute!
5. Birth Announcements 

Ever notice how the daddy's first pic of baby is the brightest picture EVER?  Chalk it up to the lighting in the delivery room.  Delivery room lighting reigns supreme when it comes to baby's first pic. The room is well lit so no flash is needed and cell phones are allowed in most delivery rooms.  I remember when the twins were born and we videotaped everything using a HandyCam.  OMG, do you remember the HandyCam?  The video is nowhere compatible to that of my cell phone and it's a lot easier to carry than our archaic videocam.  Get those pics off your phone and create some beautiful birth announcements to share with family and loved ones.

There are so many things to do with those fab cell phone pics you've taken over the years.  What are you waiting for?  Unleash your creativity.

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