March 03, 2015

Check Out "Fool for You" by @TheCurtisFields

What are you listening to lately?

   What song is on constant replay on your daily commute?

Right now, I am vibing to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" and the youngest of Los Tres Amigos is jamming to Vance Joy's "Riptide" and our family is rocking out to The Curtis Fields "Fool for You".

During last week's date night, Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" came on the radio.  I asked Hubby to turn it up and told him this song reminds me of us 'cept for the "I'll be loving you until we're 70" verse.  I will love Hubby ALWAYS!!!  The lyrics are a beautiful testament of endearing love and also remind me of couples we know in our family and at church who have been married much longer than our 17 years. 

"Riptide" on the other hand is a song I just heard yesterday evening.  The youngest and I were talking and listening to tunes when the song came on.  I was just about to switch stations when he jumped in with "Mommy wait!  This is my favorite song!"  I never heard it but watched as my kid sang "I love you when you're singing that song and I got a lump in my throat because You're gonna sing the words wrong".  That's so me!  LOL!!!

As for The Curtis Fields' "Fool for You".  A late night text alerted us to the release of the music video.  Curtis is truly a music innovator.  As a college student, he downloaded an iPhone app and used it to launch a musical career which has garnered him a contract with a major record company, an appearance on the 2013 BET Awards Show and an appearance on the nationally syndicated Queen Latifah Show. 

Head on over to Vibe to check out the Fool for You video:

Check out "Fool for You" on iTunes:


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