January 03, 2015

Books to Inspire You in the New Year!

I am so excited about the new year and the promise of things to come. There are so many great reads being released this year from some of my favorite authors. This week it's all about...

The new year begins a tradition of reading the Bible from cover to cover.  It's a tradition many of my family and friends have adopted throughout the year and one I've practiced for several years now.  Nothing like a spiritual recharge to kick off the new year!

What books do you find yourself reading each year?  Which authors inspire you?  

Hachette Book Group - home of FaithWords and Center Street books - has several great books to inspire and recharge from world-renowned authors such as Joyce Meyer and John C. Maxwell.  I really enjoy reading Joyce Meyer's books and have a friend who regularly indulges in Meyer's writings with me.  Nothing better than sharing a fab read with a friend.  Check out these recent releases from Meyer and Maxwell.

Good Health, Good Life by Joyce Meyer (FaithWords)
      To do the work we are meant to do, our bodies need to stay in shape. In this compact read Joyce Meyer presents her twelve-key plan to address the "self esteem drought" which perpetuates the habits that cause poor health. As she explores each of the twelve keys for good health, she offers five methods for improving our physical and spiritual wellness.
Meeting the demands of your busy life may leave little time for you to focus on maintaining your personal well-being. But it is important to remember that each part of you-mind, body, and emotions-serves a purpose in God's exciting plan for your future. Embracing a healthier lifestyle will help you fully experience all the good things He has in store for you.

http://bit.ly/1yhZC1iJoyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, understands that modern life is hectic and has created a practical plan for achieving good health, one day at a time. Her easy-to-use 12-Key Plan for Good Health will help you develop life-changing habits for a healthier lifestyle, no matter what your current level of health. By following her simple, yet effective tips on eating, exercise, rest, and stress management, you will unlock a new level of well-being, empowering you to live the fulfilling life you were meant to lead.

Click on the book image to the left to read an excerpt from Meyer's Good Health, Good Life and be on the lookout for Knowing God Intimately, another inspirational read from Meyer coming to a bookstore near you in early January.

Jumpstart Your Leadership by John C. Maxwell (Center Street) was released just before the holiday shopping rush.  I've been reading it over the course of the last couple of weeks and it is helping me focus on gearing myself for leadership.  There are some great tips within the book and I am confident I will be able to use these tips to help me develop a plan and hone my skills to better myself.

John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, presents his 90-day guide to improving your leadership. Whether you want to increase your influence, prepare yourself for that big promotion, or get a handle on leadership for the first time, you can trust John Maxwell to help you in the journey.  Click on the book image on the right to read an excerpt of Maxwell's Jumpstart Your Leadership.

2015 is shaping up to be a year of dynamic book releases and I am looking forward to sharing news of upcoming releases with Three Boys and an Old Lady blog readers.  Does your favorite author have any books coming out this year?  Let me know, leave a comment below.


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