October 02, 2014

No Time to Clean but Our Home #SmellsClean

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This past month has been super busy.  My family and I traveled to Virginia to watch my nephew graduate from military training school and stayed over a few days to indulge in some much needed R and R.  When we returned late Saturday, the only thing on my mind was preparing for church Sunday and gearing up for a busy week at the office.  I didn't feel much like starting the laundry and putting away my luggage.

Fast forward to 2 days later.  I stepped out of the bed, glanced across the bedroom to see my luggage standing there, right beside a hamper full of vacation clothes.  UGH!!!  It was time.  I had to do the laundry.  I'd put it off long enough and it was time to do the laundry and clean my house.  

I imagine the stale odor wouldn't have been so noticeable if the temps hadn't been in the upper 80s these past few days.  I mean it's Fall and you'd think the temps would be a little cooler, but nope, Mother Nature refuses to give us any respite from Summer's humidity.  So no open windows here, this diva in training had the A/C on full blast.  I gathered the dirty laundry from all of the hampers and lugged into the laundry room.  Loaded the first load into the washer and decided I should probably just go ahead and tidy up a bit.

Notice I said "tidy up".  I vacuumed and "cleaned" the house before we left for our Fall getaway so the house just needed a little freshening up.  Nothing major.  
        Just a swish of cleaner in the toilet... 
                Quick wiping of kitchen and bathroom counter tops... 
                        Sprinkling of baking soda on carpet and one go over with vacuum...
                                Plugging in of the plug in and a candle on the candle warmer.

These are just some of my cheats housecleaning cheats.  Trust me people are less likely to notice dust bunnies when your house smells clean. 

Nothing freshens up a room like a fragrant candle.  I love candles but I rarely light candles.  Seriously, I don't think I've burned a candle since Hubby and I had Los Tres Amigos and the Little Old Lady.  I typically use electric candle warmers to "burn" candles and notice the fragrance tends to last a little longer.  

I chose to try this Pumpkin Spice Latte 3-wick candle from S C Johnson's 719 Walnut Avenue line.  

Within minutes my home was filled with the warm scent of pumpkin, which just happens to be one of my fave Fall scents. 

With kids, work and other time snatchers 
what's your secret to keeping your house smelling clean?

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