October 23, 2014

Brighten Someone's Day with Flowers... Just Because

Remember the first time your little one gave you a flower?  When Los Tres Amigos were little they would burst out the church doors on Sunday mornings, snatch up dandelions from the ground and run up to me saying "Mommy, I got this flower for you."  Oh, I miss those days.

Nowadays I only get flowers for special occasions like my birthday or anniversary and  honestly I almost forgot how much joy there was in receiving flowers just because.  

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bouquet of roses from TheBouqs.com for myself just because.  The Bouqs bouquets are grown at sustainable farms in Equador and unlike other floral companies, their flowers spend days not weeks in cold storage. 
The Peace bouquet, a beautiful mix of a dozen, elegant, long-stemmed white roses and lavender colored accent flowers sans baby's breath was an excellent choice.  The flowers were a fairly even mix of blooming roses and tight buds.  The tightly packed bouquet just needed a quick trim of some of the excess leaves, some fresh water and flower food and a pretty vase.  I learned years ago no matter how perfect the bouquet, always trim excess leaves and stems so the flower can soak up the water it needs to stay fresher longer.

Rather than keep all these beauties to myself, I placed 3 roses in a bud vase for me to enjoy and the remaining 9 white roses in a large vase on the receptionist desk.  I sent an email to a six friends saying "There's a little something just for you waiting at the Reception Desk" and ask the receptionist to gift each person with a single white rose.  

Within minutes there were visitors, phone calls and emails asking "Why" and I nonchalantly responded "Just because".  I didn't have a reason for choosing to send flowers to them and never imagined how my random act of kindness would be received.  However, one friend stopped by saying she had a rough week and that flower made her day.  Unbeknownst to me one of the ladies wrecked her car only a few days earlier and had been a little sore from the accident.  The flower was the first thing she's had to smile about in a few days.  Another said she hadn't received flowers in ages and never a white rose.  Still another was just feeling down in the dumps and the flower cheered her up. 

The last three flowers left were pretty special unbeknownst to me.  Even though I left them for the receptionist to thank her for making sure the other roses reached their intended receivers, I had no idea her birthday was coming up.  What a beautiful, albeit unexpected early birthday gift!    

It's amazing how much happiness a simple random gesture such as gifting someone with flowers brings. 

When's the last time you received flowers?
When's the last time you sent someone flowers?

TheBouqs.com offers bouquets as low as $40 with free delivery and even has concierge service so you can have flowers sent a regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year.  Be sure to check them out and save money on your next bouquet.

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