September 14, 2014

So You Wanna Be a Blogger: 5 Things Non-bloggers Think About Bloggers

This is a short list of some common misconceptions my non-blogging family and friends have about bloggers. 

  1. You got all this stuff for free:  Free?  Are you kidding me?  There is a common misconception that bloggers get tons of free stuff.  Free means little or no work is required and that's not the case.  Each blog post requires time and energy, not to mention internet, electricity, bandwidth, etc. and neither of these are free.         
  2. You're always blogging:  Five words - Scheduled Posts And Editorial Calendar.  I have four kids and a husband, I work full time, I serve on several committees, I am the carpool mom, and I volunteer... I volunteer a lot so there is no way I could always do anything, including blogging.  Here's my secret:  I use an editorial calendar to keep up with my blogging deadlines and schedule my posts throughout the week. 
  3. You're a blogger, you must be a great writer:  I'm a decent writer, but I'm not the best storyteller and blogging is about telling stories.  You can write to your heart's content totally oblivious to grammar, technique, punctuation, etc.  However, blogging is a craft involving attention to grammar, technique, SEO, writing style, FTC disclosure, photos, PR Rank, a story, and so much more.  
  4. There's no way you could possibly try all of the stuff on your blog:  If I reviewed  it on my blog... I have used it.  I promise to provide an honest review of every product I review so that means I have to try it.  Sometimes, I call on family and friends to try certain products for me and offer their thoughts.  For example, I have braces so when an opportunity to review a wearable  teeth whitener came up, I called on my hubby to test the product and share his thoughts in my blog post. Books?  I get a ton of books.  Thank goodness for my eReader and fellow book loving friends who sometimes help with my book reviews.
  5. I wanna start a blog just like yours:  This should be the number one thing on the list.  Go ahead, start a blog but remember like everything else there is a right way and a better way to do things.  If I knew now what I knew then I would have things a little differently.  Three Boys and an Old Lady is a labor of love. I say labor because it is work.  I say love because I love the brand I've built over the years.  I've thought about changing the name because many haven't followed me long enough to know the story of how the name came to be.  I have three sons and a daughter, yep she's the little old lady. This blog is my creation and reflective of me as your blog should reflect you.     
So there you have it.  My list of 5 things non-bloggers think about bloggers.  What are some things you think non-bloggers think of bloggers?  I'd love to hear them.  


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