September 06, 2014

Join the Cartoon Network 5th annual Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign

Just in time for children to go back to school, Cartoon Network is announcing the details of its 5th annual Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign.

Created in 2010 to provide elementary school-aged children with necessary tools to speak out against bullying, the campaign this year has a new and special goal: to collect ONE MILLION online pledges from parents, children, government officials, celebrities and educators vowing to say something if they witness someone being bullied.

Of all the research Cartoon Network has conducted over the years, one of the most heartbreaking revelations they discovered was how deeply children are affected when they witness a friend being bullied and they don’t do anything about it. By rallying one million pledges, Cartoon Network is setting up a giant support system to prove to kids that they are not alone. The campaign, according to creator Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network’s VP of Social Responsibility, is to give kids the evidence and the tools needed to empower them to say “I Speak Up.”

It’s really simple to participate: Take a homemade video of you and/or your child or group saying “I Speak Up” and post it on the Cartoon Network website By doing this, you’re promising to do your part to speak out against bullying. Valuable tips on how to deal with bullying can also be found on the site and I encourage you to check these out.

We're making a video and I hope you will share this “ask” with your friends and their families? How great would it be for everyone to say “I Speak Up” and help put an end to bullying?

Here’s to a great new school year. Thanks for your help!


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