June 07, 2014

Splurge vs. Save Campaign

This blogging mommy hardly ever pays full price.  Each season presents its on sets of challenges on how best to spend my money.  For example, Winter.  Winter means coats and jackets so I watch for savings on those items.  Summer?  Summer, well Summer means sundresses.  

My sundress splurge would send me straight to Nordstrom for this maxi dress I would love to have.  Look at the brightly colored, flowing fabric and those faux leather straps.  I mean it's only $450 oh and this includes free shipping. 

The Fashionista in me would oh so love to have this dress, but the Savings Diva said "Hunty, for $450, you can go to KMart and snag this AX Paris Women's Indian Paisley Green Maxi, a pair of shoes, go to Hobby Lobby and add a touch of leather to the straps, a weekend rental at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and 2 nights at the Hampton Inn."

I'm glad I listened to the Savings Diva deep inside and didn't break out the credit card this time.  I love my new shoes and dress and the money I saved will come in handy this Summer when Hubby and I take the kids on a much needed vacation.  

Many thanks to Credit Card Insider for the opportunity to share this Splurge vs. Save moment.


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